How Big Is Your Glass?

Image - Glass Half Full You're convinced that, when it comes to manifesting, a bias toward optimism is critical -- how you choose to perceive what you already have is crucial to discovering more of it in your life.

But there’s a follow up question that may be even more important than:

“Is the glass half-empty or half-full?”

It's a question about the glass you've chosen to use.

Abundance flows like a fountain. And the Universe can fill whatever vessel you choose to bring.

Your glass represents your intentions.

How much do you intend to receive? How much are you worthy of taking? How much wealth can you carry? How much joy can you stand?

You can bring a bathtub, a bucket, or a thimble -- it's really up to you.

When you go to the Well of Abundance, the Universe will whip out a hose if you ask. So, that other really important question is:

"How big is your glass?"

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Image credit Zach Rathore via Creative Commons on Flickr