Are You Developing Too Rapidly?

You've had a wonderful run of recent successes in your spiritual development.You've been Up, riding the wave of your intentions like a real pro chaos surfer. You've experienced epiphanies in ever-increasing rapid succession -- light bulbs popping on along your path, strung out before you faster than you can keep up with them. You've acquired a new tool of perspective that makes everything seem different, from here on out. You've learned a new insight that changes your relationship with Change itself. You've enrolled in courses that empowered you in such a way that your prior life feels like a fading dream. You've begun to isolate and act upon the messages that come through your intuitive channels. You've magically manifested one intention after another -- you must have cracked a code, you're doing it, really doing it! Awesome.

You reach for the Next Big Thing, with real confidence and faith, based on solid successes from your recent past, with nothing but positive expectations and the exhilarating speed that comes from a true sense of the Flow… and you hit a wall.

You wipe out. The force drops out from underneath you. The well goes dry. Your domino-fall of options hits a snag. You reach for the next pull-chain of enlightenment, yanking away with a big grin on your face, swinging from one Light-bulb Moment to the next like a cartoon Tarzan… and in double-take panic you realize there is no Next Obvious Step -- the light-bulb is either burned out or you've yanked the plug right out of the wall.

You lose your rhythm and your momentum and suddenly it feels like nothing is happening for you.

You scramble to jump back on Something, Anything. You reach to the Shelf of Help and grab another "masterpiece," sure to fire you up again... And it doesn't work!

Too Rapid Expansion In response to reading clients, my guides have been serving up a lot diagnoses in the past few months with the same shining phrase -- Too Rapid Expansion -- the manic shadow side of procrastination issues. You're speed-dialing Archangel Michael and whipping the purple princes pulling your sled of willpower like a team of panting huskies.

You've got an hourglass icon spinning in place of your cursor and you just keep clicking -- soul computer freeze.

Who are you racing? Who are you trying to beat? Your personal growth, your spiritual development, your enlightenment is not a race or a contest, and you won't "get somewhere" any faster than is perfect for you.

Santa Claus just came and dumped the daddy of all sleigh-loads on your tree skirt. Your inner child has crash-landed in an avalanche heap of torn packaging and bliss, all of five minutes old.

  • Are you already shopping for the Next Toy?
  • Have you worn yourself out -- already?! -- on your recent acquisitions?
  • Could you really be that bored with your new power?
  • Are you sure you're ready for the Next Step?

If you find yourself Here, in what I'm describing, you may not be ready. If you were to "press on," in some ambitiously spiritual sense, you'll likely be blocked. It's a simple matter of fully digesting all that you've recently acquired before you bring in More. The next step along your path will likely require you to be adept at something already in your arsenal, and you will only be frustrated if you try to "skip a grade."

There's a general "hunger" that I've been hearing lately in the requests for assistance with growth, and it makes sense within the context of your expansion, but please know that it's REALLY OK to chill with what you have. You could conceivably work with what is within and before you toward an expert level, increase the depth of exploration of your toolbox, without adding a big new-fangled computerized Craftsmen model.

Any one gorgeous tool or toy can be enough. Ask yourself "Do I have enough?" What have I newly acquired and not used fully? What have I not yet learned at this level? Am I missing something in my haste?

I'm not telling you to embrace the Pause to discourage you, but to give you permission to not move forward -- not being sure of your next option is a sure sign that there's something still to get, to pace yourself. Play until the options start presenting themselves, and you'll have no problem jumping toward them when they appear.

Not knowing what to bring in next may simply be a sign saying Reduce Speed Ahead.

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