Better Messages for Manifesting

General rules for manifesting with better messages: Here are some of the most common pessimistic, shady, bad-habits of language we use which undermine our intentions - and some of the possible, more optimistic alternatives you might use to replace them:

Use powerful, active verbs in place of passive ones.

Avoid time-travel; you exist in the Present moment only. Joy only happens in the present. Now is the only timeframe you have to work with, so if you spend time in the past or fast-forward into the future, you are attempting -- without success -- to time-travel. Craft your messages of intention in the present tense by using affirmations with active, present tense verbs.

Stop abusing your memory by living in the past. Reliving past hurts keeps them living in the present. You are abusing your memory when you continually re-create the past in the Now. Each next future moment is a choice you are making; you are willfully deciding what to bring with you. Memories, good or bad, dragged along beyond their usefulness, and never laid to rest, are what we call baggage. Peace is sometimes the reward for letting things die.

Stop creating carrots on sticks and chasing dragons by living in the future. Manifest your intentions by visualizing them in the present tense, as if they have already happened. Don't make the mistake of creating carrots on sticks out in front of you; don't chase the dragon; when you wrap an idea or intention in the language of the future, it remains in the future. You can't catch and experience or arrive at anything until it is brought into the present tense.

Avoid making statements that feature Always and Never, especially when arguing with someone. "Always" and "never" are extremes of description and they are rarely accurate. We have a tendency to exaggerate for emotional impact when making accusations or defending ourselves. This type of language pattern belongs to war; when you use war-mongering language on people, or hurl inaccurate words at people with the passive-aggressive intention of wounding them, or emotionally attack them -- expect people to retaliate in kind.

Don't begin sentences with "You should..." or "You need to..." Or, God forbid, "You know what your problem is..." *Note: Anyone who speaks to you in this manner is trying to control you.

Don't seek what you do not want to find.

Don't invert your wishes by stating your fear of their not happening.

Dream bigger. You must at least start with the Wow Factor in order to propel an idea's launch; you need big dreams with enough big energy and big excitement to have something to endure. But save the practical, bite-size mindset for executing steps on the long haul toward fruition.

Pray from a place of gratitude. Acknowledge what you have been given, care for it well, and the Universe will send you more of it.

Don't even think about what you fear. Don't mutter it; don't utter it. If you see the Devil and you fear that he will spot you, by all means, don't cry out to him, wave, run or otherwise draw attention to yourself. Play like the possum and the rabbit; be still until the danger has passed you by.

You don't have to decide anything today. Rip down your drapes, Scarlet, make yourself a pretty dress and a pitcher of lemonade and sleep on it.

Wait 24 hours before "ripping anyone a new one." When drafting hateful email or bitchy sticky notes, wait 24 hours, and reread before sending or posting them. Justifiable anger and real outrage will keep for at least a day.

Doubt is a great indication that the answer should be "No". Or at least "Not Yet". If you have to talk yourself into something, there's a good reason why you may be avoiding it.

Employ multiple streams of problem-solving, or change to an original approach. If you want to achieve a different end result to a repetitive problem, you can't keep behaving in the same way.

Seek Wisdom -- Practice Love