How to Manifest Momentum: Steps 1 - 5

Image - Inertia to Momentum Trying to go from a stand-still to momentum? Inertia is the first (and perhaps the greatest) hurdle to overcome.

Stan, a Shift Your Spirits reader, writes to me:

I have big intentions for the New Year. I want to set some big goals, but, quite honestly, my life has been stagnant for a while now.

I don't even know how to begin to start to decide how to choose where to start!

What are the best first steps I can take to raise my vibration and set things in motion?

The Sacred Elements In terms of the Four Elements, the Earth element of the physical realm is where true action is taken and also where true outcomes present themselves. Earth is the element of the body, of the third-dimension, of reality.

All the inspiration, imagination, intuition, emotion, and passion in the world won't translate into reality without the physical component.

So, the simplest, most basic, most important, first step in shifting your vibration, setting intentions, and manifesting momentum is to get into your body.

  • A musical instrument that is out of tune will sound terrible no matter how talented the person playing it or how brilliant the song.
  • A computer without a power source is a box of plastic.
  • A car without gas or decent tires is a very sturdy... tent.

Step #1 -- Move Your Body Light physical exercise is an amazing way to build momentum and shift energy.

It may sound simple and obvious, but don't discount it.

Start wherever you are and tick up to the next notch of challenge in terms of physical activity.

Be kind to yourself. Do only that one more thing you know you can.

If for you this means some really basic wellness and physical therapy exercises seated in a chair -- perfect! That works.

I recommend yoga because it is the most forgiving and flexible to the most ages, states of health, and physical circumstances -- yoga allows just about anyone to start where they are, wherever that may be, and improve.

Set a goal to do a simple 15 minutes of stretching and a 15 minute walk outside every day for the next few weeks and see what kind of change in energy level you experience. That physical movement changes brain chemistry which affects your ability to manifest and operate in all other areas of your life.

Step #2 -- Set Your Intentions Setting intentions and establishing a clear vision is not the first step -- why? Because more oftentimes than not, if you're stagnant, confused, paralyzed by over-analysis, or trapped in hesitation and indecision, you're missing the clarity required to set an intention and plan an effective course of action.

Or maybe it's the inspiration that you're waiting for -- the bolt from the blue, the big idea, the sense of purpose, the Something to put your head and heart into.

Being in your body, being present, becoming aware of your physical environment -- being plugged in -- are all aspects of Step #1.

Light exercise is the absolute best brainstorm rainmaker there is -- the creativity and clarity behind the best intentions often come on a nice walk around the neighborhood (or in the shower afterwards, if you work up a sweat).

Step #3 -- Identify the Sacred Elements Ideas and thoughts and visions, no matter how sparkly and inspired, are ephemeral.

Emotions and passions and drives are pure fuel -- they still require a vehicle, a destination, good directions, and someone capable behind the steering wheel.

Action, action, action -- yes, yes, yes -- you have every intention of taking action. You've heard about this. It's a pretty freaking crucial part of making anything happen. You know. You get it. You're ready. You're on it.

You can pray and vision board and meditate and chant and mantra-tize and stick sticky notes on every mirrored surface in your world...

Manifesting with the Sacred Elements is not a "secret," it's a system. A harmonious recipe -- identifying all the parts and putting them together in balance, in context, in relation to one another.

Step #4 -- Simplify Your Actions Break your goals down into the smallest components you can.

Whenever possible, identify the one simplest action that, when repeated, will result in achievement of your goal.

Err on the side of slack-ass. I'm a big believer in establishing daily actions that are the minimum of doable, as opposed to pushing yourself. Why? Because success builds self-esteem, and self-esteem lends itself to bigger and better successes, and the repetition of this cycle is that elusive and heady wild ride of momentum -- surfing the Flow.

Even the smallest success produces the kind of brain chemistry and higher vibes that replicate themselves.

Example: Successfully writing 250 words a day is more powerful and productive than trying and failing to write 1000 words a day -- any day.

Step #5 -- Focus Once you've completed all the brainstorming, identified the components of your goals according to the Sacred Elements, and simplified your goals into the smallest repetitive course of action -- it really comes down to focus.

Forget about the future and the past, stay present, and do the one thing that's right in front of you.

Huh -- look at that -- one foot in front of the other. Reminds me of Step #1.

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image credit Simon Pais via Creative Commons on Flickr