How to Manifest Anything

My new multimedia course Manifest Anything Using the Sacred Elements is now available for instant download. This is not a Secret — it’s a System.   This Manifesting Technique:

  • Does NOT require you to shift your attitudes regarding abundance
  • Does NOT require you to practice or exercise for any set length of time
  • Does NOT require you to fill out worksheets or prepare any kind of structured paperwork
  • You do NOT need to listen to meditations
  • You do NOT need to write out carefully worded affirmations and repeat them three times
  • You do NOT need to obtain specifically colored candles
  • You do NOT need to wear certain kinds of crystals

None of that.

If you want to throw in some of those elements from other resources or spiritual traditions because they make you happy, or bring you confidence and peace, or make you feel powerful, you are welcome to do so — it won’t “hurt” anything.

But this is not about just dumping more layers of esoterica on top of your life.

I like magical vocabulary. You and me both.

And this is a way for us to use these gorgeous metaphysical concepts to simplify, guide, and practically organize our efforts to manifest more of the kind of world we want to live in.

Simplify, guide, and practically organize your efforts to manifest.

  • These are the concepts, tweaks, and adjustments I've been teaching my clients about Manifesting during private readings and one-on-one sessions since 2006.
  • Manifesting is the most requested tutorial topic after communicating with your spirit guides and developing your psychic abilities -- I'm working my way down the list.
  • I spent all of 2010 developing, testing, and experimenting with these Manifesting techniques.
  • Manifest Anything is the most comprehensive program I've created, second only to Automatic Intuition Professional.

My hope is that you'll give me some useful feedback -- I'd love for you to write me an honest blurb about your experience working with the program.

Check it out: Manifest Anything Using the Sacred Elements

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