Manifesting 100 Percent

"You are 100% responsible for everything you manifest in life."

I've put that in quotation marks because I do not believe it.

I just don't believe it's that simple. I don't believe you have that much control over reality.

You were thrown into a mortal suit of flesh and blood and sweat and tears, and with skill and soul and talent and creativity and love, you seek to find your way through a maze of phenomena and experiences. Other people's shit still affects your life -- you're not living in a virtual reality bubble where everybody else on the planet is a holographic extra in Your story. They're all lovestruck stars in their own romantic comedies too, you know. They're all dodging bullets as the heroes in their own action-adventures.

"You are entirely responsible for 100% of what you manifest in life."

Really? The good, the bad, the in-between... Do you honestly think so?

Why do people believe this? Is it simple religiosity, or the desire to compartmentalize complex answers to big questions in little boxes?

"You are 100% responsible for everything you manifest in life."

I believe it's a message whose authors intend to control you, the same way fundamentalists teach that God is watching everything they do and judging them with Job-worthy punishments at the ready.

So, the better question might be "Why do people teach this?" Because I'm not convinced that even those who put it out there really believe it. I'm pretty sure a good number of them are grooming you to consume their teachings on The Law of Attraction. Or covering their asses for when you fail to duplicate the results their Prosperity Gospels claim.

"Apparently your spirit chose to learn a lesson from being poor, sorry, broke down, and ugly." (Just so we're clear, that was sarcasm.)

You can still practice practical manifesting techniques with significant results. I just personally believe you'll be disappointed if you proceed with the expectation of creating 100% of what you desire.

You can manifest anything, but not everything.

You know in your heart that you agree with me. Some of you may not. We don't all have to believe the same thing. I would personally like to throw out approximately 83% of the New Age bosh and blather that I've been exposed to.

I don't have a problem listening to other people's opinions and theories. But I reserve the right to disagree. And I get to discern for myself what feels like Wisdom. So do you.

Shit gets thrown at you. Life happens and you're in it. People die in accidents. You get cancer. You lose your job. Somebody breaks up with you. Your car gets broken into... It's not always a reflection of your personal power or the very essence of your soul.

I believe that we're here to practice transcendence. What is a reflection of your spiritual effort is the level of meaning, purpose, joy, and love that you can find, infuse, or muster, in spite of it all.

Manifesting is more like gardening than architecture. You can influence the elements; you do not control them.

And leave it to Dolly Parton to nutshell my entire rant with a single plain-spoken line of elemental wisdom:

We can't direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.