Please, You Must Be Eccentric

Image - Weirdo You should reveal your authentic self now.


I mean, how could you possibly benefit from waiting?

It would be terrible if you chose to hang around until you were old enough to show the colors of your character, and for some awful reason never got the chance.

We believe that eccentricity is tolerable on the elderly, but imagine what energy and power your (relative) youth could lend it.

Don't be dim. Be a bright glittery spangled thing. Right away, for God's sake.

Give your light insanity a chance. Take your jaw-dropping inner spectacles out for a walk in the sun. There you go, tripping over treasure, making happy noise in the street!

If you can't be a little crazy in public, then... Oh my. An unknown fallen tree in the forest, and all that. No one to applaud or give you a hand up.

Now there's a pity.

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Image credit Eddi van W via Creative Commons on Flickr