The Evolution of Superstition & Sin 2.0

Are the purveyors of master manifestation messages starting to get on your nerves yet? I personally feel there's a dangerous new form of quasi-religious superstition running rampant in our collective "wisdom."

"Don't you know your thoughts create 100% of your reality?!"

*implied fine-print: If your reality doesn't mirror your aspirations, then you must just not be spiritual enough. You're missing something. There's something wrong with you. You must not be worthy of creating the life you want to lead...

Sin & Superstition -- 21st Century Upgrade

Just when we thought we were finally free of centuries of immaturely-imagined, cruel, anthropomorphized gods who micromanage our thoughts and dole out smack downs with scattershot efficiency, here comes the Law of Attraction Wagon with Sin 2.0 (with optional Superstition plug-in).

Old Bearded White Dude & The Fat Lady in the Sky Become The Gotcha Universe Now, it's "the Universe" who hears your every thought and orders up a reality accordingly. Never mind that the most sweet-intentioned wishcraft gets trapped by Heaven's spam filters while the shittiest micro-thoughts slip out to fertilize and water a garden of weeds.

"Oh, no! I had a negative thought. I just accidentally thought about what I don't want instead of what I do. Take it back, take it back! I'm doomed!" [wail]

Where's the evidence of that kind/degree of power? If our thoughts were that fast and that total:

  • Five-year-old girls would be riding to kindergarten on unicorn ponies with hot pink manes
  • Asshole drivers and their vehicles would be raptured from the highways
  • Mid-level managers on power trips would turn to dust under florescent tube lights between drab gray cubicles
  • Theocratic dictators would voluntarily crawl back in their holes after being shamed off the world stage by laugh riots
  • No one's son would grow up to be a wife-beater and nobody's daughter would marry one
  • Pharmaceutical companies would produce cures as rapidly as they produce expensive never-ending treatments
  • Your one-and-only romantic soul mate would have a tattoo that lights up in neon when he says hello to you the first time
  • Your ATM balance would resemble the storage space in your Gmail account

Do your thoughts create 100% of your reality?

Do you believe that your thoughts create 100% of your reality?

What do you really think? Be honest.

Do your thoughts affect your reality in a powerful way? Absolutely. Keyword Affect -- not create.

Do we have a collective ability over time to pool our intentions and affect our shared reality in amazingly orchestrated improvements? Absolutely. Yes, we can.

But there are tons of variables.

Don't ever let any self-appointed guru convince you that you "contracted" to have cancer in this lifetime; that you were sitting up there in the ether thinking "Hmm -- a debilitating physical defect would really be the way to do it this time around;" that your soul chose to be born into an environment of sexual abuse "so you could learn the hard way."

The whole earth experience is The Hard Way. Maybe you did choose from a spiritual perspective to come to this world in spite of the dangers and hardships, the organic, ever-changing, dynamic obstacle course.

To the Glassy-eyed Delusion-hocking Unicorn-jockey LofA Magic Carpet Co-pilots who keep bleating and tweeting your endless stream of Barbie Dream World Bumper-stickers:

  • Who are you really trying to convince?
  • Will saying it enough make it so?
  • How much affiliate commission do you make off selling the message?

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