Soul Counting

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If you're working to connect with your spirit guides, keep in mind that spirit entities -- guides, angels, ascended masters, power animals, elementals, loved ones who have crossed over -- overwhelmingly outnumber presently incarnated souls.

Spirit entities also exist at different levels of vibration -- at different frequencies -- than incarnated souls.

Why would you be able to successfully tune in to spirit in other dimensions if you are not adept at tuning into the spirits in the same dimension? Does it make sense to strive to tune in non-physical spirits while tuning out the souls that are most available to you?

If you're struggling to expand your intuitive abilities and your psychic sensitivity and you feel like you're "missing something" it could be a matter of attempting to run before you can walk.

Here's one of the most challenging exercises I know of to shift your awareness of spirit and of the spirit in others -- I've previously shared this with workshop participants and in the audio course Talking to Your Spirit Guides.

Counting Souls

Indulge me -- Try this: (Yes, this time I'm intentionally using the word "try".)

Pick a day, or even just a part of a day, and keep a running tally of every single human being you encounter.

  • Every person you actually speak to and every person you do not speak to
  • Every person you make eye contact with as well as those who avoid such contact
  • Every individual human being you lay eyes on
  • Every stranger you smile at in passing
  • Every person you (are normally inclined to) ignore

Imagine that all that is required for someone's energy to connect with yours is to physically be within one another's line of sight.

I mean EVERYONE. If they are physically walking about drawing breath and you are close enough to see the whites of their eyes -- count them.

If you wish, keep a scrap of paper in your pocket and jot down subtotals as you go. You go to the grocery store... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… When you come out, write down the total. You stop to get gas... count everyone you see and before you pull away, write down that number. (I do not recommend that you engage in this exercise while driving -- just skip that environment for now, cars are generally insulated bubbles anyway...) Count silently as you walk your normal routes of sidewalks and hallways...

Just TRY this, for even a few hours, and see how high this number goes before you lose count.

How long can you sustain it? Can you even really go all day?

Later in the day, see how many of these people you can remember. Just make a list and include any detail you can recall about as many of them as possible. If you want to keep this up for several days in a row and journal your observations... more power to you -- it only takes a crumb of this activity to get the Aha out of it.

Even if you just half-ass attempt this exercise, you'll discover something very important intellectually (mentally even more than intuitively).

This is a test with no right or wrong answer -- only observations.

Care to share any of your epiphanies or some of your wisdom in the comments?

Your insights probably seem pretty "obvious." But, later, I'm going to come back and tell you a few things about some of these souls that may not be obvious to you at all. Might even blow your mind a little...

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