The Horrible Thing that Happened to You is Not Your Fault

"You are 100% responsible for everything you manifest in life."

No, you're not.

It's not that simple. You don't have that much control over reality.

You were shoved into a mortal suit of flesh and blood and sweat and tears, and with skill and soul and talent and creativity and love, you seek to find your way through a maze of phenomena and experiences. Other people's shit still affects your life -- you're not living in a virtual reality bubble where everybody else on the planet is a holographic extra in your story. They're all lovestruck stars in their own romantic comedies. They're all dodging bullets in their own action-adventures.


Life happens and you're in it. People die in accidents. You get cancer. You lose your job. Somebody breaks up with you. Attacks you. Victimizes you... It's not always a reflection of your personal power, your karma, or the essence of your soul.

(Sure there are plenty of things you do to sabotage yourself, but that's another topic of conversation, for another time. It's important that can identify the difference.)


I believe we must be here to practice transcendence.

The level of meaning, purpose, and joy that you can find, infuse, or muster -- in spite of it all -- that is a reflection of your spiritual effort.

Manifesting is more like gardening than architecture.