Oh yeah - about everything you've been going through the past few months...

Everything you are going through Think back over the past ten weeks — June in particular — did you feel...

  • stagnant?
  • stuck?
  • blocked?
  • screwed?

The energy felt like you were running in a dream, in waist high molasses.

And this probably wasn’t just shitty little moody stuff — this was big stuff, right?

  • death
  • surgery
  • illness
  • financial difficulty

Large, unforeseen, uncontrollable events...

All you could do was pray.

BIG SHIT ON PAUSE I believe you’ve been through your version of the recent, weirdly constipated energy wave of Mars in Retrograde.

This energy makes me think of what we expected to experience in 2012.

In my option, this year -- 2016 -- has given us more of the kind of growing pains New Age people blather about, you know what I mean?

Mars was retrograde from April 17th to June 29th 2016. And I know telling you that now is not really helpful, but honestly, I felt helpless to understand the phenomenon or try to mitigate its effects — for myself included.

I’m writing a belatedly-timely post now, because you need to know that it’s already getting better.

You’ve been forced to make some life-altering renovations. And although it was painful, it was stuff you never would have gotten around to dealing with if left to your own motivations.

The results of your flailing efforts will be far-reaching.

Everything you are going through is preparing you for everything you asked for.

Immediate relief has been slow to show up, but I am sure July saw the energy shift, and the engines are grinding back into motion. It’s just pushing through an initial big, slow, lumbering inertia.

It’s like we’re still driving uphill, in first gear.

I keep finding these big painful stories in everyone’s lives with a similar pattern or arc to them. I do think it’s astrological. It has to be.

And the details of how this is manifesting for you obviously vary, depending on your chart.

If you want to talk to me about that, click here.

In the meantime, hang in there. Like a kitty on a poster in a fourth grade classroom.

Sometimes, it helps just knowing you’re not the only one experiencing this, and that it is going to end.

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