The New Way Forward

Image - The Edge of of Our WayIt seems we've reached the Edge of Something Big and New.

Do you feel like:

  • You've outgrown your life?
  • Those Things you've been semi-successfully repressing or ignoring in recent years have gone from uncomfortable to unbearable?
  • You're literally being forced to confront your baggage, once and for all?
  • Some clarity of purpose is required -- it's increasingly urgent, yet elusive?
  • The Clock has run out on your old perceptions?
  • You've come to the End of a Chapter in your Story?
  • Change is no longer about just contemplation and theory, but is emerging in a very physical way?

We've reached the Edge of our Maps and Blueprints -- the way forward is an entirely blank canvas. Old rules and structures which we've been able to recycle and reinvent and reuse have become obsolete. What we might have expected to Come Back or to Return... those options have evaporated. The way forward is unwritten.

Do you feel like:

  • Something's on the tip of your tongue, but you can't find the word for it?
  • You've reached a plateau?
  • Your guides have been giving you very explicit sets of directions, and now suddenly you've lost the station, the transmission, the channel?
  • You've had the urge to withdraw into a cocoon and not emerge until some transformation is completed?
  • You feel especially confused or thwarted right now, like all the "tools" you've acquired just aren't working as well as they used to?

2012? What about 2009?

I "know" that we're supposed to be anticipating some major shift in the human collective within the next few years -- but I've got to tell you, I feel profoundly that It has already started, and it's noticeably escalated within the past three months. I've never felt That Big Shift was going to be an "Event" or a single point in time, but a graduated spectrum, a spiral, a curve. An Age. We'll be able to look back on a Period in our history, an Era; that hindsight is going to reveal to us how far into it we already are. Right. Now.

I honestly can't put it into words -- it's a Collective Experience that's manifesting in very individualized ways. The energy is similar; the details are unique.

  • Nearly all of my peers and colleagues are radically altering their businesses, their missions, their brands. (I'll have a big announcement of my new project on 11/11 -- stay tuned.)
  • Nearly all of my clients are "launching" something, preparing to take enormous creative leaps.
  • Nearly all of my friends and family describe feeling "impatient" about their futures and ready to be "over" their pasts.

No More "Business as Usual"

The one theme or pattern that seems to be Universally True, across all these lives, and in all these various contexts: The old processes -- the paths you've pursued that seemed to at least "make sense" -- and even the processes and strategies and creative tactics that used to work great -- are just not working anymore.

Not only are you being called to create the life you want to live -- you're being called to do it in a way that literally does not exist yet.

The most important questions to ask yourself right now are:

  • How flexible are you?
  • Are you stubbornly clinging to something?
  • How willing are you to let go?

Does this new level of creative requirement for being in the world scare the hell out of you... or are you excited about it?

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Image credit brunkfordbraun via Creative Commons on Flickr