Premonitions and Predictions

What do you do with your premonitions? Have you ever wished you had somewhere practical, something useful, someway to apply your premonitions in a meaningful way? I've recently learned about a tool I want to share with you. (I'm actually so excited about having this outlet, I've become a bit addicted to submitting my backlog of premonitions.) I've withheld some of my premonitions, as I felt that publicly posting about them would create a bit of a Chicken Little climate around here -- which I would definitely like to avoid. I really, really don't want to stoke the flames of the 2012 : End of the World hype. (The "End of the World..." should always come with a hopeful "... as we know it" tacked on, in my opinion.)


If you've been with me for awhile, then you've run across a few references here and there to my interest in Futurism. I've shared links to a few of my favorites before, such as:

I'm definitely more of an "armchair" Futurism geek -- so much of it is extremely academic, can be a bit over-my-head (let's call it challenging). Most Futurists would probably not identify themselves as being very mystical (the subject matter tends to fall in the realms of social science and technology). For me, personally, futurism is extremely spiritual -- a golden intersection of science and spirit.

I believe that our spiritual path as a species -- our Ascension -- is interwoven with our Collective Creativity and our Technology.

Premonitions versus Predictions

From my perspective, premonitions are an entirely different species of experience from, say, psychic prediction.

Premonitions seem to take the hard-to-translate-into-language forms of intuitive impulse -- claircognizance and clairsentience. If we get something more specific than the just knowing/ just feeling, all-over-the-body, or in-the-gut meta-sensory input, it tends toward the clairvoyant -- the visual -- dreams and visions.

For years, I was so focused on developing my clairaudient intuition, my magic-in-words, that I inadvertently dismissed many opportunities to develop in other areas. Even as I sought to reinforce and affirm my clairaudience, there was a subtext to my self-speak that said "I'm not clairvoyant."

That clairvoyant insecurity or insufficiency shifted for me in a major way about a year ago, after specifically studying with intuitives who are more visually adept. I believe we can kind of absorb the techniques, perspective, and skills of others.

Time Frames

I first started to receive clairvoyant hits in the form of aura colors -- which opened my mind to my visual potential and ultimately led to my receiving time frames.

I started catching myself using the phrase "I see" during readings.

What, exactly, I started to see with my clients were a lot of graphic depictions of calendar-like symbols. As with many aspects of doing readings, just putting it out there is the best on-going intuitive learning experience and confidence builder -- until you go out on a limb a bit, hold your nose, shut your eyes, and take a leap of faith you really have no idea what you're capable of receiving. Without feedback, you're really only projecting your hits into a vacuum. The feedback I've received from clients about the accuracy of the time-frames I've been sharing in the past year or so has definitely been encouraging and has made me more confident that I should include them.

The time-frames and their accuracy seems to be the number one reason why "repeat" clients come back for additional readings -- predictions are ultimately "testable."

I experience Three Main contexts regarding prescience, precognition, premonitions, predictions, etc:

  • Permission / Projective -- these are the tidbits that come out specifically in response to client requests during readings. I only get these if someone asks. They come from the client's guides. They are very specific and entirely clairvoyant. They tend to be mostly "positive" or "practical."
  • Personal / Passive -- a feeling or knowingness or vision that impacts me personally, or someone within my personal circle of friends and family. I regard these as "passive" because they come unbidden and I can't invite them "on cue." They tend to be a bit more vague and can be either positive or extremely worrisome. They don't always feel like they come from my guides. They are mostly clairsentient or "emotional" in nature.
  • Premonition Proper -- these are also passive and are entirely uncontrollable. They involve humanity as a whole. They really don't seem to come from guides at all, though I do try to "dig" for follow-up details from my guides. These Premonitions with a capital P are overwhelmingly clairsentient, claircognizant, and clairvoyant at the same time -- only they are devoid of specific time-frames. The images are like scenes from a movie... And I hate to say it, but they are often disturbing.

I don't want to be a tease, so I'll just spit it out -- Since December, 2008, I've been having premonitions involving a telecommunications blackout. It's NOT an "End of the World" scenario anywhere as devastating as McCarthy's The Road or Butler's Parable of the Sower | Parable of the Talents -- it's NOT some kind of 2012 Fright Fest, okay?

BUT, I have to admit -- I have been feeling an increasing sense of "guilt" about not mentioning this publicly.

I feel some strange sense of responsibility or obligation to mention that I'm seeing a temporary period in our near future where our telecommunications satellites don't work (for several months). [gulp] No cell phones, no internet. I don't know how or why.

Have you had a similar premonition, by any chance?

But enough about me... because the striking component of premonition is how much we share this capacity.

Premonitions, the Collective, and Technology

Last weekend, I listened to New Dimensions. The show was an interview with Dr. Larry Dossey, author of

The Power of Premonitions: How Knowing the Future Can Shape our Lives

You can still listen to the show for free online until October 28

The Arlington Institute WhetherMap Project

I learned about a fascinating, technology-driven project that we can all participate in.

Arlington Institute WhetherMap

The Arlington Institute's project "WHETHERMAP" is predicated on the idea that before catastrophic, world changing events people have intuitional dreams that anticipate those events. While there have been a number of famous people throughout history who have accurately predicted the future, it also appears that almost everyone has premonitions from time to time in the form of dreams, visions, or simple gut feelings.

I've been submitting entries about my premonitions to their database.

Check it out -- add your own -- and please leave a comment if you know of other similar projects!

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