Do You Need a New Year's Do Over?

Capture Big Ideas This post is NOT for those of you who are on fire with your New Year.

Go, You! Keep it up. I mean it. I'm right behind you. Skip down to the end for the news about downloads.

…now, for the rest of us...

Feeling a Little Bummed? The left-over holiday decorations have taken on an abandoned, dystopian feel. The weather's gloomy. You got hit with that cold. (Admit it, you're still a little hung over.) You're coming down hard from six weeks of sustained cheer.

Want a New Year's Do Over? It's already four or five days into the new year -- you feel like the starting gun just fired, everybody's launching toward their goals, whizzing past you, as you hop on one foot trying to get that other shoe on...

You're already running five minutes late to your "New Life."

With New Year's Day 2015 falling in the middle of the week, hangovers and aftermaths and sick days stretched the holiday's shadow into the weekend...

I'm calling a time out. I need an extra day or two to get this all rolling.

Honestly, the Monday after New Year's seems like the most realistic day to start back up with routine building.

Everyday is a potential start day. Any day can have symbolic power -- the power comes from our will.

Remember, low-ball your intentions, simplify your goals… Here are the other important tips about resolutions.

Have a Goal But Can't Find Momentum? Maybe you truly want to make a big start, but your life has felt stagnant for a while...

Here's how you can get your energy moving again.

Don't Have a Lick of Inspiration? You wish you had some Big Idea to run towards. You're listening for inspiration but only hearing winter drizzle in the gutters and the heat cutting on...

You cannot force inspiration. Please await further instructions.

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