What's The Simplest Way to Manifest Reality?

You manifest reality simply by participating in it.

I believe that the ultimate manifestation of this Universe is for information to pervade every wave and particle of Being, in an infinite, ever-evolving network. I believe that an individual purpose is a node -- a shifting path -- a small strand of this greater web.

Spinning the Web of All That Is The Internet - The Web - represents a great step in the human dimension - the part of Indra’s Net - the All That Is - to which we contribute by simply being, observing, learning, experiencing, sharing, communicating.

We manifest reality by participating in it.

You are already at this moment fulfilling your purpose in Life.

You chose to be here -- to Live -- to participate in God’s great experiment -- the great creation called Life. Your purpose is to Answer the Call to contribute to the evolution of the human spirit, and by doing so, contribute to God’s Creative Act.

Your Mission is so much simpler than you imagine. The spiritual tools of life are the senses and emotions. The powers of human perception which interface with the human soul are the vehicles by which information and experience are transmitted to the All.

We can easily become overwhelmed by, attached to, and addicted to the stuff we are generating in this dimension.

Information Technologies

  • Time is one example of an abstract human technology that we invented to help us manage the process of Being
  • Language is another technology that allows us to translate sensory perception and experience and share it

Adam’s Task Information technology is not a NEW technology -- it has been with us since God assigned Adam a very specific role -- a job -- within the greater experiment of Creation. The task of Naming everything under the sun.

We claim each small wave and particle of the Universe by naming them -- armed with creativity and information technologies -- language, art, music, science -- and the common means of expression that employ and engage the senses -- media.

Name it, claim it, make it so…

Beginning with the first grunted word, the first line drawn in the sand, we embarked immediately on our collective, human, God-given mission. Information is the means by which the All experiences and expresses itself. Like an army of research scientists and explorers, we have entered into this dimension to discover all that we can about Creation, to participate in the ever-unfolding miracle of Being.

You are already successfully completing your unique mission in life.

You are already everything you’ve ever wanted to become. You can’t fail. You are always in the process of becoming You. No one else can be you - no one else can report back the story of Your unique life. Your life is a mission that can’t be duplicated. It is neither less important or greater than anyone else’s.

Life Is A Game, But It's Not A Competition We have invented many rules -- subsets -- of the Game -- and sometimes the same guidelines which can be used to map our way can be MISused. We complicate our task by forming attachments -- motivated by the fear of losing what we create, discover, gather, acquire, learn -- we try to hang on to all of it.

Attaching ourselves to everything we experience is not necessary.

Wisdom, once found, cannot be lost.

By sharing your wisdom with others - communicating - you are making a deposit into the greater collection of human wisdom. Actually, just by having an experience, by simply being, you are already contributing to the All.

Media Matters Information technology and media are manifestations of these contributions in material form, on this plane of existence, in this dimension.

When you share, communicate, connect with another human being you are ensuring that your individual contribution is available to others in this dimension.

Putting Out When you publish and teach or tell stories or sing or perform for others in this life, you are essentially creating a material hardcopy of your spirit wisdom.

An Artist is both a student and a teacher -- simultaneously.

Many people, when attending a public display of visual art or performance, approach the role of the Audience in confusion and anxiety, as if it is a Test and that to pass the test they must solve the riddle, find the treasure, and leave with Answers.

Art is about creating Questions, not Answers.

Creativity is our link to the Divine. We are most like God when we act like God. A work of art is a physical manifestation - the residual, physical form that results from the creative act -- the artist’s communication with the Divine.

A work of art is not a message in itself.

A work of art is a communication device — it's more like a phone number for God. It's the strand of connection to the great web of consciousness that an artist used to have a conversation with God. It’s not like a voice mail “Here, I called God, and this is what he said."

A work of art is NOT a puzzle -- a riddle -- you have to solve if you want to know what He had to say.

Art is not the voice-mail; Art is the phone.

Creative expression is one of an infinite variety of numbers you can use to get in touch with God.

An artist is saying:

This number may work for you -- it worked for me -- it allowed me to have a conversation with God, it allowed me to connect with, commune with, to Question… Results will vary, but you are welcome to try this number to make a connection of your own and ask your own question. That’s as close as I can take you.

A work of material Art is a shared device by which others may connect to their own divinity.

It’s like the Artist is saying “Look! I found a short cut…” The physical work itself is a path, a vehicle, a vessel that can take you to God; but to be delivered there, you must travel.

YOU must move yourself along the path. You must USE the shortcut.The glorious built-in surprise bonus, of course, is that the journey is the destination.

Seek Wisdom -- Practice Love