The Right Way to Pray

What are you placing on The Throne of Your Attention?

Assuming you intend your situation to improve, which of these three observational biases makes the most sense? Clearly the positive one bias is the way to go. In order for intention-manifestation to work smoothly, whenever you observe your current situation (even as it continues to conflict with what you really want), you must observe with positive bias as much as possible.

via Creative Observation by Steve Pavlina

One of my favorite Steve Pavlina quotes is a short-cut to Manifesting:

Instead of visualizing the future, visualize a new present moment.

What Steve calls "observing the positive bias as much as possible" I call The Right Way to Pray, or How to Pray from A Position of Strength.

The key ingredient is Gratitude. Louise Hay talks about "Blessing your current situation with love..." in order to manifest the change you desire.

The basic Law of Attraction describes like attracting like -- you get more of what you create.

The Throne of Your Attention Wherever your attention goes, energy follows.

Ask yourself: What am I worshipping? What am I placing on the throne of my attention?

Because that's what you are calling; that's what you are manifesting.

By using Gratitude, you can identify the positive, deserving elements that you want to energize.

To use the Wealth Manifestation example: If you want more money in your life, start by acknowledging all the money you have had. And be accurate about it.

  • If you have $75 in the bank, don't say "I'm broke."
  • If you have $7 in your wallet, don't say "I'm broke."
  • If you have 7 cents in the floorboard of your car ... (Nope, not even then. You'd still be lying if you say you're broke.)

Stop worshipping the negative. Don't make inaccurate, negative statements about how you are "always" broke. You are programming your thoughts with lack -- you are identifying only what is wrong. You are worshipping the negative, empowering it with your attention, and wasting the power of your prayer on neediness.

Don't piss off the One you pray to. This is what Shug is talking about in Alice Walker's novel The Color Purple when she remarks that she thinks it pisses God off when we walk past a field of purple and don't even notice it.

Gratitude and acknowledgement of the beauty and the joy right in front of you -- all around you -- is the first step in showing the Universe, the Creator, and your Higher Self that you are worthy of more fortune. You are demonstrating that you are a promising investment, and a mature steward of benevolent power.

Why waste wealth on someone who doesn't seem to be able to recognize it? On someone who can't even acknowledge all the times his prayers have been answered?

Worry : Inverse Manifesting

When you worry about something, you are paying attention to what you don't want.

I like to think of worrying as inverse manifesting.

There are essentially only 2 forces at work in the Universe:

  • Love
  • Fear

Everything you create with your thoughts comes in these two flavors -- whichever one you choose to call, that's the flavor that will come.

If you want money -- love money, don't fear the lack of it. If you want companionship -- honor and love your relationships. Recognize what it is exactly that you have had in the past, that you have now, prove to the Universe and yourself that you are deserving and capable of having more of the same.

How can God answer your prayers by sending you something you can't even recognize?

Never Say Never

The inaccuracy of needy prayer is often your downfall. You damn your current situation with negative attitudes that are also exaggerated and untrue.

"I never have any money." "No matter what I do, I'm always broke."

These statements are whiny, histrionic, pessimistic, negative -- they are also false.

You never have any money? Really? Is that a true and accurate statement?

It's a spoilt, unfair position.

You are undermining your power by identifying yourself with weakness. Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey said on her show recently: "If you want to live in Heaven you've got to practice living there."

Seek Wisdom -- Practice Love