What's Your Project?

Your life purpose is not necessarily your job. Of course, when you spend a lot of your time and energy pursuing work that is in line with a higher calling, it's incredibly fulfilling; your everyday life is transformed on a lot of levels. But don't mistake discovering your calling with living your life on purpose -- with simply having a rewarding project that's powered by your passion.

You fulfill your life purpose by living -- it's not something you can fail to do. Your life purpose is also not about what you want to give others as much as it is about what others request of you -- what THEY want from you. No matter what your job or occupation is, your mission in serving others comes through -- it is always expressed. It is also defined by other people.

A life purpose is not about what you decide to do for other people, it's how you respond to what they ask of you.

You are already everything you've ever wanted to become. You're not missing anything that can't be transformed through shifting your perspective.

Your creativity is your divinity. You think you're waiting on the Universe to deliver the components of making your dreams come true, but the Universe is waiting on you.

The most obvious way I know of to transform who you are and what you love to do into a mission, an authentic expression of why you're here, is to invent one. Almost all the things you hope will magically fall into place involve other people:

  • Meeting the partner of your dreams
  • Connecting with like-minded souls
  • Expressing yourself with spirit
  • Finding the perfect job
  • Feeling joyful about your daily existence
  • Receiving the assistance and support you need to tackle life's challenges

When I do a Spirit Guide Reading for you or respond to your emails in hopes of motivating, coaching, and inspiring you toward living the magical life you deserve, I find that there's one over-arching realist goal that anyone can employ to change or improve any aspect of life -- you need a project!

You are here to learn from those who know the path you wish to walk; and to teach those who need to know the way that you've already mapped.

  • Want to meet the love of your life? Involve yourself in activities where people who share your passion congregate.
  • Want to develop your god-given talents? Practice them; study them; and teach them to others.
  • Want to use your life to make a difference in the world? Take what you love, what you're good at it, what you're passionate about -- or take the greatest challenge you've ever survived, the thing that broke your heart, but did not break your spirit -- and find someone who needs to know how you do it.
  • Want to ditch your sad life story and trade in your walk-on part as a victim into a hero who has triumphed, against great odds? Become it; share it; tell the world about it.

The rewards are not just about making more money, but any entrepreneur can tell you that the greatest material successes require incredible spiritual stamina, perseverance, and an unwavering positive obsession with something you never grow tired of…

The kind of energy that can change lives starts with what you love. If you love it enough, and you make sharing your passion, and teaching others your number one motivation, you'll discover unbelievable, seemingly infinite resources of energy and assistance.

Now, if you're a writer -- if you've always carried a dream of becoming an author, someday -- what are you waiting for? If that is your dream, you have absolutely everything you require, right now, on the very computer you're staring into -- to make that dream happen. You know who you are; I know who you are -- what do think I pick up from your spirit guides when you leave a comment on this site, or when you write to me with those thoughtful, articulate, fascinating personal stories?

When we're both operating in the medium of words, the words of writers glow with an obvious aura. When I read that glow one of the first things I look for is that link to YOUR blog. When the glow is there, but the Project seems to be missing, I know two things are true -- you're not sharing your writing on the scale that you should or you haven't yet begun to share your writing on the scale that you could.

Come on, now, if it's worth telling to me, why only me? My close friends will remember all the years that my energy went into telling them stories, one at a time (I'm sure more than one of you is relieved that I finally found a more effective venue and stopped sending you those huge, long-winded emails…)

If you're a writer, you won't be the first to ask me for a reading or write to me searching for your purpose only to be asked "What's your project?" See, even though Shift Your Spirits is one of my projects, it's not the only part of my mission, and it's not my job. I do readings for small donations, but that doesn't put a roof over my head… It's a project, a passion, a purpose, but not quite a "job."

Communicating with Spirit My life purpose and my mission and my job all grow outward from a single family of projects -- to teach other creative writers on a mission how to use technology they already have to share their passions with the world. A big part of my mission involves teaching the teachers -- are you one of them?

If you live each day believing "Someday, I'll be an Author" then you should know my j-o-b is all about sharing my path to Someday. I've now made the first part of my Problogging 101 Tutorial a free report for subscribers to Spiritual Blogging.

Writing | Manifesting Any manifesting technique you study is going to overlap in the most basic recipe:

  • write down your intentions
  • share them with others

It's not a Secret anymore. You have to create the life you want to live.

Seek Wisdom -- Practice Love