God's Warriors

I'm posting a few days early this week so that you can catch the encore broadcast of Christiane Amanpour's mini-series documentary God's Warriors on CNN.

God's Warriors originally aired on Tuesday - Thursday, August 21-23; CNN will rerun the documentary beginning Saturday, August 25th at 9pm EST. Check your local listings, look for alternative sources such as online video sharing sites, have a friend record it for you, rent or order it on DVD when that becomes an option -- don't miss it.

God's Warriors is one of the most profound, compelling, and impartial explorations of religious conflict that I've ever seen. I've spent most of my week conversing on a personal, spiritual level with my spirit guides and Mother Mary directly as a result of the questions it raises about the Ascension of Mankind.

What do your spirit guides say about war?

I've written only a single post regarding this on-going conversation, even though I constantly pray to Mary to speak with you, through me, about how to deal with the dysfunctional effects of religion.

My spirit guides have advised me to "Secure joy in the consciousness you maintain." When I ask Mary about religion, war, terror, she told me to look at how I am personally perpetuating these concepts.

It's true -- I'm totally guilty of employing war-speech

I prepare, on average, three Spirit Guide Readings per day, and those Readings are proof of the dangerous language that I not only allow but use:

  • When I describe the guardian angels that attend you, I often compare them to Secret Service Agents, security guards, the guards at Buckingham Palace -- the spirit entities who walk beside you are not soldiers.
  • When I tell you whether or not you "channel the Mother," I mention the Army of the Queen of Heaven -- Mary herself shows me that this vocabulary is not her invention or mine.
  • When I compare the Throne angels that attend many of you to Amazons -- I am again -- unconsciously -- evoking images of warriors.

Angelology -- the historical study of angels, their names, their phyla, the domains they govern -- is traditionally embedded with war-like language and imagery. The angels have recently begun to engage me in "upgrading" the out-dated vocabulary attached to them. They assure me that this crude vocabulary reflects the limitations of human language -- it's not "wrong" so much as it's inaccurate.

  • For example, "angels carrying flaming swords" is not my interpretation -- it's entirely borrowed and culturally dated imagery -- we don't call airplanes "flying chariots." I actually perceive these "flaming swords" as "laser scalpels" or other technologically sophisticated equipment like those used in medical procedures.

I am personally committed to expunging all such warrior vocabulary and imagery from my Readings and articles in the future.

Religion -- without spirituality -- is a bad idea

I've presented a softer public opinion about religion versus spirituality, but I must go a step further and state that I believe Spirituality can be pursued entirely without religion. It takes a lot to hold back here -- I avoid discussing religion and politics, and will now make it a top priority to encourage personal spirituality, above, beyond, in and of itself.

Not only do I feel that there should be a separation of church and state -- I feel there should be a separation between religion and spirit.

God's Warriors

will make you angry -- I assume they must totally piss God off, too -- you will feel motivated to "fight back" in some form. Mary says to me:

"Fighting back is fighting -- you become one of them. Revenge and retaliation is an unjustifiable sin. God is a parent, not a king -- what parent do you know who would choose to assist one of their children in murdering the other? The Creator is an Artist, not a General."

"Then, what can I do?"

I ask her.

"Infiltrate their hearts with empowered, loving alternatives."

Seek Wisdom -- Practice Love