The Paranormal Memoirs

This week, I'm returning to The Paranormal Memoirs with a new series Waking Ghosts which picks up where Stranger Angels left off.

The Paranormal Memoirs

Image - Ones Who GlowOver the years on Shift Your Spirits, I've been (intermittently) publishing posts, in story format, about my experiences with ghosts, spirits guides, and guardian angels. These are among my personal favorites and the most requested pieces.

To make the story arc easier to read straight through online, they are now listed on the Start Here page and linked in chronological order.

The tops and bottoms of every piece are now linked together, so that you can start with The Ones Who Glow and follow straight through in the historical order that the stories occur.

to catch up on the whole story start reading here

Third Grade Heretic

  • The Ones Who Glow
  • The Ones Who Watch
  • Send in the Skywalkers

Tales of a Fourth Grade Haunting

  • To Sleepwalk in the Past Tense
  • The Plural Form of Vortex
  • Memory, Metaphor & Active Imagination

Ghost in the Flame

  • Ghost in the Flame - Part 1
  • Ghost in the Flame - Part 2

Stranger Angels

  • Stranger Angels - Part 1
  • Stranger Angels - Part 2
  • Jesse : Stranger Angels - Part 3
  • Jesse : Stranger Angels - Part 4

Waking Ghosts

  • Waking Ghosts - Part 1 - Palimpsest
  • Waking Ghosts - Part 2 - Penny Charming
  • Waking Ghosts - Part 3 - Ping
  • be announced...

-- to catch up on the whole story start reading here --

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