A Glimpse of the Future

Image - Glimpse of Humanity's Future Your minds have always been able to outrun your bodies. Technology will not change this -- it will enhance your existing human abilities.

You won't necessarily need fast ships to carry you immediately through space. You will physically expand your civilization from the human source point -- Eden -- Earth. You will creep out to Mars and the moons of Saturn -- projecting your consciousness light years ahead.

You will continue to engage and communicate with light and matter; you will continue to travel into past and future, exploding from your present origins on the rocket-speed of thought.

You won't need to levitate machinery -- you will call the controls you require right in front of you, in a vapor of ordered atoms. You will make matter with a hand gesture. You will take matters into your own hands.

Real. Out of thin air.


Is Real limited by time? History isn't.

Does something have to exist in your physical presence to be believed?

If you see it, doesn't it count as "real"?

And since you can see just about anything, then doesn't the real question become:

What do you (really) want (intend) to see?

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Image credit Eddi 07 via Creative Commons on Flickr