Love & Money Personified with Morgana Rae

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Morgana Rae is the international #1 best selling author of Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic & Manifestation, winner of WE Magazine's "Top Women In Ecommerce” Award, and widely regarded to be the world’s leading Relationship with Money coach.

"The Universe does not require perfection." - Morgana Rae

One of my favorite quotes in this interview is:

"To my Law of Attraction friends, don't cheat yourself out of the depths of your despair. It's very, very useful; because it gives you something to push off of. Let yourself sink to the bottom of the pool."

Morgana says if you've been feeling like a loser because you're doing everything "right" and you're still getting crappy results, you're either protecting yourself or birthing something new.

If you're protecting yourself, you need to identify the monster you're protecting yourself from and get rid of it.

"If your Money was a person, who would Money be?"


40 - Love & Money Personified with Morgana Rae