The Simplest Way to Reboot Your Life

There’s a common malaise among my reading clients. A low-level depression, disconnection, lack of inspiration. People keep asking me

"What do I need to do to be happy?"

I’m sharing a technique I’ve started to call Rebooting Your Life. Honestly, the strategy is so simple, if you’re not willing to do it or try it, I have to wonder if you really want things to change.

This is doable. This will shift everything.

Don’t dismiss these techniques for some more difficult solution.

When was the concept of happiness ever complicated?


  • save your life
  • come out of depression
  • sleep better
  • hear the voices of your guides and your higher self
  • free yourself of addiction and self-destructive choices (including unhealthy relationships)


39 - The Simple Way to Reboot Your Life, Body and Soul


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Where is happiness?

In what energy center or chakra of the body does happiness reside?

Somewhere in the heart, a little bit in the head, the divine crown, maybe…

Those are the upper frequencies, the upper energetic levels of the body.

You are experiencing a sense of longing, desire, and yet confusion related to the higher pursuits, the top half of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs — love, self-esteem, self-actualization, and transcendence; while experiencing symptoms and disturbances related to the lower energetic centers of the body — sleep, substance abuse, mood issues, depression (which is all actually rooted in the physical and causes or contributes to those higher functions breaking down…)

If you feel “unhappy” you may actually be feeling ungrounded.

The upper frequencies are on the fritz, and you are seeking to correct them, to elevate them, to take them higher into a vague perception of peace and happiness.

No matter what strategies or substance or energy we introduce at the higher level, without the grounding in the physical self — safety, faith, basic wellness — it would only topple this whole house of cards.

The love you feel for romantic partners also represents a much higher, more sophisticated energetic function than you’re in a solid position to pursue.

Your guides have brought you here in this moment to save yourself.

Nothing less than that. This is more than an existential crisis, it is also a physical, mortal one.

If you’re calling yourself depressed, unfulfilled, unhappy, then you’re crying out for a life-line and the messages are coming in through me. Not a grand design for your future life plan — a simple strategy with acts of grace you can and need to execute NOW.

Do not think beyond the next three months. For the next three months — starting immediately, starting tomorrow — you have one task. (Well, two tasks when we get into it...)

But the main task is to save yourself by rebooting your energy. To re-ground and rebuild from the root up.

There are no short-cuts. You cannot cheat or procrastinate or delay this.

These are saving acts of faith and grace you can execute successfully.

The instructions I’m giving you will sound simple but you do not require — and you may not even be able to handle — complexity. Grand designs and Big plans would only make things worse.

Don’t worry about making this a New Year’s Resolution or starting at the top of the month.

You must begin tomorrow. Today would not be too soon.

You know how the solution for so much technology that hangs up or behaves oddly or freezes is to turn the power off and back on again?

Rebooting. It works for nearly everything. It is always the first thing to try and most often the only thing you require.

If you are spinning in the upper chakras — higher thought, intellect, overthinking, analyzing, worrying, wresting with relationships, seeking purpose, trying to hear your guides, connecting with your higher self, receiving creative flashes — you need to reboot and ground yourself in the physical body, first.

To do this, you need to take immediate and daily action in the lowest energy centers of the body. (Don’t read this as meditation or yoga — that is “intermediate” level actions. If you can execute my instructions successfully for three months, then you may begin considering introducing more esoteric solutions.)

Here is how you:

  • save your life
  • come out of depression
  • sleep better
  • hear the voices of your guides and your higher self
  • free yourself of addiction and self-destructive choices (including unhealthy relationships)


Of course, I am not a medical professional; I am not dispensing mental health advice, I am speaking to you as a friend who observes patterns in our energies, in our decisions, and in our behaviors. By all means, your clinical diagnoses take priority; and if you don’t have a clinical diagnosis but think you might need to get one, this is your guides taking an opportunity, through me, to encourage you to finally go make that happen.

Other than your children and your spouse (who can help themselves, so don’t over do it), your only priority is yourself. Your physical health, safety, and grounding. And by the way, this is probably one of those situations not unlike airplane emergencies, where you need to put that oxygen mask over your own face before you start trying to save other people.

Stop using alcohol or marijuana or pills immediately.

You may not feel you are technically an alcoholic or addict. If this is true, you will have no problem ceasing all consumption immediately. If you cannot, then you are addicted, psychologically or physically or emotionally…it doesn’t matter.

You really should go to meetings, whether you believe you qualify or not. You require the perspective and you need to the social support. There are stranger angels (incarnate entities who are meant to guide and protect you) inhabiting human bodies — even posing as helpful strangers and friends.

You will find them in groups like as AA or Narcotics Anonymous, or other communities built around that template.

If there are psychotropics or pharmacological prescriptions you are still taking, please do not cease those suddenly, but they are most likely not working because you are not clinically depressed in the ways those medications can influence.

Something I have observed during hundreds and hundreds of readings over the past decade:

When a creative person — especially someone who consciously identifies as a creative, like a writer, musician, artist, actor — or they have in the past at some point in their lives… When a creative person tells me they’re depressed, technically, they don’t have a project.

So, there are usually two things going on with people who may not be clinically depressed, but who are self-identifying with that terminology.

You’re depressed because you are a creative person with no outlet for self-expression, and you’re depressed because you are in pain within your own body and you require a physical energetic reboot.

I’m assuming in this motivational rant that most of you have no major physical limitations with moving around throughout your day. Obviously, some of you may have limitations here, so I don’t want to be insensitive to that. I know a few of you have to live life in a chair or are bedridden. You have my permission to email me and I will give you an alternative for rebooting your physical chakras, ok?

For the rest of you — maybe some of you are telling yourself you have more limitations than you really do, so let’s be honest with ourselves about that.

Assuming you get up many times a day and move around your world without giving it a thought...

Here is how you save yourself, correct this imbalance, and begin a new chapter in your life:

90 days of walking meditation.

(That means going for a walk outside, preferably somewhere with something to look at like trees or a river. It can also be a park full of people. But it must be in nature, regardless of the weather.)

30 minutes of walking per day.

(If you do it for 45 minutes or an hour, I’ll never know.) Just walking. Not jogging. Not joining a gym. Do not buy new outfits or shoes you don’t need.

Start today, or tomorrow at the latest.

Do not make this a New Year’s resolution or say I’ll start at the first of the month or I’ll wait for a new moon.

Start now.

You’ll feel excellent that you made a start. It will seem like a small victory, but there will be an inkling deep inside you. A small voice turning over and beginning to stir. We are awakening that voice.

Take your phone and listen to music or podcasts if you really like — or don’t. Silence and the sound of your breath and your own thoughts is a chance to clear the static in the upper energy centers.

Walk for 30 minutes, each day, for 90 days.

At some point, you cannot predict when or how, but your higher self and your guides will begin to whisper in your ear. You will begin to receive directions and ideas. You will begin to make observations about what to change and what steps to take next.

The first steps along your journey to a new life and to whatever you will recognize as happiness are literal steps.

In addition to this physical grounding in the body, we need to bring your creative and intuitive channels back online.

You do this by writing Morning Pages. Every morning, set a timer for 15 minutes and write. Write whatever you want. It’s not meant for anyone but you. You are retuning your soul, slowly but surely, 15 minutes per day.

Morning pages. Journaling (by computer or on paper) for 15 minutes every day for 90 days.

The concept of this comes from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. At the end of 90 days, you may wish to join an Artist’s Way group on Facebook and do this process with a community of like-minded souls. This first 90 days is your practice round.

Do not judge the process of walking meditation and morning pages until the end of three months. Just do this. Sober. Judge the results at the 90 day mark.

I want you to write me at that 90 day mark and tell me what you have experienced.

If you will listen to us — me + my guides + your guides — you will begin to sleep better, you will begin to feel better, the fog will lift, solutions will present themselves, your relationships will change, and you will be in a position to take on the next steps. Bigger, more challenging, more sophisticated strategies and systems.

And here’s a bonus tip that will absolutely shrink your mind and set you up for true results.

During the first week of your walking meditation + morning pages ritual, read:

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

It is very short. I just re-read it one day at lunch, and then finished it up the next day at lunch. It’s a $4 download for the ebook version.

It is about Resistance his word for concepts like The Devil. Procrastination. Self-sabotage.

There is a life-changing message for you in this little book.

So 4 things for you to do if you’re feeling depressed, disconnected and just need to reboot:

  • Immediate sobriety
  • The War of Art
  • Walking 30 minutes a day
  • Writing morning pages for 15 minutes a day

Go make it so.

And write me. I am looking for some emails in 90 days.

Thanks again for listening to the Shift Your Spirits podcast and for all your support this year. It’s been tremendous.

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