About Those Repeating Numbers You Keep Seeing

You know those repeating number sequences you keep seeing?

Of course they mean something.

Someone or some thing is communicating with you, reminding you that you are plugged in, connected, and now, conscious of it.

And that really is the message.

Don’t get too caught up in numerology dictionary meanings...111 means this, and 222 means that...

It won’t hurt anything if you want to look them up — but those little fortune cookies can be a wealth of Too Specific / Too Vague at the same time.

All repeating number sequences are essentially someone or something jumping up and down and waving a flag to get your attention.

It could be the universe, your angels, your subconscious, or a mathematical wonder of dimensional reality... I don't think your perception of the source matters that much.

It’s either a warning or a vote of confidence.

Repeating words, names, symbols, images… They’re easier. They are the thing itself.

You know what the message is.

  • What do you think it might be?

  • What do you want it to be?