Channeling Spirit in Your Everyday Life

If you want to develop your abilities to communicate with spirit, to become a vessel for grace, to channel the wisdom of the divine -- act like it. Instead of being a dead-end receiver, the last stop on the tracks, become an amplifier, a signal repeater, a delivery mechanism. This is the very definition, the linguistic origins of the word angel -- a concept found in all world cultures with startling universal similarity. Acknowledge everyone. In my offline and online classes, workshops, and healing circles, I teach an exercise I call soul counting -- one of the most effective ways to raise your spiritual/psychic awareness is by expanding your sensitivity to the embodied spirits all around you. It's entirely counter-productive to try to hear your spirit guides, which are so wispy and subtle and ephemeral, when you are moving through the world blind, deaf and dumb to the spirit entities right here with you in the physical plane -- other, "real," living, flesh-and-blood entities called people!

Look people in the eyes. Push through your shyness, your bubble, the vacuum of your interior world. So many people have a tendency to look at the ground when they pass someone on the sidewalk, to stare at a non-point in the distance… This is the opposite of channeling spirit.

When you ask someone How are you? -- mean it. With people you know, train yourself to ask alternative questions to How's it going? Include details that display your awareness of their lives. This morning the chef at the café personally ran my breakfast to my table after she prepared it. Instead of simply saying Good morning and How are you? I remembered that she had been excited about her vacation to the Georgia coast last week -- "You are so tan today! Was the beach amazing?" She beamed, happy to relive the trip for a minute or two, even back here at work so early on a Sunday morning.

Hold doors for everyone, regardless of your gender or theirs. I can't think of an instance where this does not raise your vibration, even if it fails to impact the other person.

Let people out/in while driving in traffic. Cars are an extreme physical incarnation of our private bubble worlds. They enhance aggressive, selfish behavior, and detachment. Not to mention, the escalating physical danger this creates and perpetuates. Being passive and receptive to the flow of traffic enhances safety. Take away the desperate stress for at least one other person who probably needs it more than you.

Send encouraging emails to strangers. Or leave comments on their blogs and be specific about how their words have impacted you. I can't tell you how seriously powerful it is to be on the receiving end of this. I often present prayers, questions, issues, or intentions to my spirit guides and guardian angels and one of the most frequent ways I receive answers come in the form of a "random" email from a reader. The divine timing of these messages never fails to make me smile in wonder, even though I am no longer surprised that this happens.

I encourage everyone to obey the impulse to share a positive message of support like this, even with people you don't know, because by doing so you are often allowing Spirit to work through you. People can be shy, or you may think "He doesn't need an email from me" but you never know how that may impact someone.

Often, there are tiny little phrases or specific words you choose that are direct answers to questions I need answered. You may look at what you wrote and see only a nice pat on the back, but the percentage of times when your messages convey so much more than you realize… Wow. I truly believe on some level you are reading my mind.

Collectively-powered prayer requests. When you pray, try powering your prayers by asking for what you need or desire or require on behalf of everyone. Allow God to act with greatest efficiency.

Listen. Even when you don't know what to say, how to advise someone, or have any useful suggestion to offer. Many times, someone just needs a witness -- to be heard, to feel visible, to say what they need to say to themselves through conversation with another. This is advanced acknowledgment.

Tell-tale Signs of an Empath Does the Universe seem to position you in the role of counselor? Do you sometimes feel like you must be walking around with a sign on your forehead that says "Tell me your story"? It's because you are. The majority of communication between two people occurs sub-vocally or even non-vocally. People consciously, subconsciously, and even unconsciously read your energy -- lightworkers, healers, or those with high empathic vibrations give off a signal that even strangers can interpret with startling accuracy.

So, if you are walking around with this aura, this halo, this sign, this signal, this energy bubble around you, what's the best way for you to see it yourself? Look in the mirror. We act as spiritual, energetic mirrors for one another.

The same techniques work well with abundance -- all energy flows and cycles -- money doesn't come to closed fists; rivers stop and pool when they hit a dam… Everything you encounter in the physical and non-physical world is participating in a near-infinite dance, a relay race, a dominoes of matter and energy -- nothing wants to stop with you, to come to you and end; everything wants to move through you on to somewhere or someone else.

You know, intellectually, to pay it forward -- have you developed this ability and incorporated it into your existence in such a way that it works habitually, effortlessly, automatically?

It all sounds quite goody-goody, I know, but communicating with spirit works well behind smiles, hearts, and flowers -- bring your own bad-ass spin where appropriate. Tattoos are a fantastic spiritual conversation starter. Next time you're discreetly studying some heavily-inked individual, ask him about what his tattoos mean. You may be surprised by the significance, the story, and the deep life purpose these symbols communicate -- and you may not know how important the opportunity to share this meaning can be to someone.

Tell the girl in line in front of you how wicked her shoes are if the impulse strikes you. A few days ago, a curator at the local museum approached me with a petition and information about a fund-raising event. She had a happy face on, but her energy was full of grief. My guides said "Ask her about her locket." She was wearing a large, antique locket -- it had belonged to her grandmother, who had passed away the week before… She immediately opened up to talk to me about her grandmother. She gushed, her energy shifted. She looked at me in surprise and said, somewhat embarrassed "Thank you for listening to me -- I feel better to talk about her… But how did you know?" "You're wearing her love," I told her.

I didn't need to tell her I was a practicing psychic. I didn't explain to her how or why I knew or where the impulse came from. I did not project my vibration. I didn't feel a need to prove my gifts. But I did obey the impulse to receive hers; to hold the mirror for her.

I am eternally grateful for your returning that favor. Remember that the absolute best source for the answers to your prayers, for messages from your guides, are other people.

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