The Queen of Heaven

Each morning, after I wake up, while I'm waiting on and willing the coffee pot to automatically drip a little faster, as my dreams begin to fade, replaced by the Voices of the day, which are rousing, finding their horns and testing their microphones, like an orchestra tuning up, I take a moment to ask the Queen of Heaven to wrap my heart in mirrors.

Invocation of The Goddess

Picture Mother Mary releasing the White Light of the Holy Spirit from her own Heart, like an armful of doves, which fly down and whirl around you in a glittering, milky vortex that sometimes smells faintly of roses, the BVM's signature fragrance. For a brief moment, you appear in your mind's eye like a cartoon Tasmanian Devil, and then this cosmic substance solidifies, like a hand-dipped chocolate shell on soft-serve ice-cream -- a Dove bar, if you will.

Your aura is now enmeshed in a flexible, semi-transparent, reflective, impenetrable, diamond-hard armor.

Your Fix-it-and-forget-it Default Setting for The Golden Rule

Now, anything that comes your way, good or bad, is immediately bounced. It's a spiritual autoresponder. You can carry on with your own inward work of thoughts and distractions, knowing that you won't miss any scrap of good will sent your way by another -- anyone who smiles at you will see a reflection of their own smile.

The Fist that Grips the Hearts and Flowers

For those of you who may feel you are in danger of psychic attack, or that you are working inside enemy territory, your armor will work automatically and unfailing -- it is a constant. It simply reflects; that's all it has to do. In other words, anyone projecting hateful thoughts in your direction will receive a face-full of whatever she puts out. Period.

The beautiful thing about this is: you can kick ass wherever it may be required -- your automatic psychic armor will dispense the perfect matching dose of shit -- a little bit or a lot -- your attacker builds her own bitch-slap. You need not even get your hands dirty, or soil your spirit with bloody thoughts, or take on a burden of distracting and draining negativity. You don't even have to know about it.

Mother of Us All

Mother Mary is the ultimate mother energy -- she is God's grace spiked with the nutrition of infinite, unconditional love. All unique, specific human expressions of God -- that's us -- must pass through the channel of the Mother Energy to incarnate in this dimension. There are no exceptions -- the Mother is the Doorway through which any and all Beings must pass on their way to becoming human. Even The God himself, when he chose to incarnate in human form with Christ Consciousness, nevertheless required the vessel of Mother.

We are the way by which God experiences Itself -- the human experience is a mission of love. Angelic entities are pure love, but they are un-testable -- they are Love in A Vacuum. They were not created with free will and the five senses to complicate, to enrich, and to challenge the experience of learning to love in spite of all this earthly crap.

Mary has Ascended beyond the limitations of her mortal body -- and she retains the wisdom and the memory of her human incarnation. God is Love, but Mary, as the human mother of God, is a triumph of unconditional love that has passed through and transcended the testing ground of Earth. Mary knows the uniquely fierce capacity of motherhood -- she is the Lioness, the Mother Bear -- nobody messes with her cubs.

Even if you feel that your own biological mother may have sometimes failed you, Mary cannot fail. She is Mama to the power of infinity -- like any woman who has been transformed by motherhood can tell you -- she has an endless capacity to love as many children as she is given. She has the superhuman grace in her Ascended Master form to see each and every one of us as her child -- she's been here -- she knows to the core of her being what it means to look into the eyes of her offspring and see God staring back at her, vulnerable, trusting, in need of her power.

And so this is how she sees each and every one of us. She has no religion, she doesn't require you to have one -- we all have a Mother. It's a super common denominator of human experience. She knows no favorites, her love is human but inexhaustible, immortal, released. She can answer to the needs of all her children perfectly, simultaneously, according to what we specifically require. And she does it without judgment.

She knows the importance of our free will and raising us with a complex form of support that does not make us helpless and dependent, but strong and capable of completing our experience. She understands what we need to succeed, and that we need to accomplish our mission without her accomplishing it for us.

The Army of The Queen of Heaven

Mother Mary, as the Queen of Heaven, troops everywhere trailing her own personal army of angelic beings -- the Thrones. They are like a swarm of killer bees, an entourage of warrior priestesses bearing swords.

It says somewhere in A Course in Miracles that if you knew who walks beside you, you would have no fear. Call the Queen of Heaven -- ask for Her by name -- let her know that you're requesting back-up, she'll know what to do.

Now you'll know who walks beside you. The Thrones will guard every particle and point-of-entry in your aura with the simple unwavering reflective nature of their swords. Thrones are SuperNannies; they are the Ultimate Bouncers. They will kick the shit out of anyone who attempts to mess with you; but they will also smile respectfully and allow all good energy and blessings that arrive for you to pass quickly into your space with total protection, and to be reflected back to the sender.

It's all a simple mechanism of smoke and mirrors -- automatically dispensing a perfect matching dose of illuminating light or burning fire, depending on what is appropriate or what the situation may call for. You don't have to maintain your own security. You can ask that it be taken care of for you. This is sometimes called giving it over to God, or getting out of God's way.

Mary's heart is an eternal flame of spirit that can light an infinite number of candles without ever becoming depleted. When you call on Mother Mary for assistance, she will immediately dispatch her Thrones to augment your personal power and assist your god posse -- your personal spiritual support staff of guides and guardians.

When you pray to Mother Mary, you are requesting reinforcements, and you will get them, as many as you need, without hesitation, without question. It's a done deal. All you need do is ask.

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