Making Change

Image - Resting and Allowing There's a difference between working more and being more. A difference between having more and living more. Between holding more and allowing more.

There's a huge difference between hanging onto what you cannot live without and making space for something so great you can't even imagine it yet.

Creating change and manifesting more in your life require so much effort compared to the grace of the ability to experience true wonder.

Plans don't result in nearly the degree of joy that surprises provide.

I'm not a vacuum, I'm a magnet. I'm not a hook, I'm a hand to hold. I am not the savant's instrument, I am the song.

I am not just one of God's children, I'm one of Her latest works of art.

I am so much less -- I am so much lighter -- than I would ever have predicted I needed to be. I desire all kinds of things, I want for very little.

I haven't changed my goals, but I have relaxed my expectations.

Go back and read all that -- out loud. Right now. Mean it.

Then, take this smaller affirmation forward. Even if you don't believe it yet, walk around saying it for a day or two and see what changes:

In this moment I have everything I need. In this moment I am full and at peace.

Notice what changes -- the Stuff or you?

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image credit Simon Pais via Creative Commons on Flickr