Do Family Members Share Spirit Guides?

Do Spirit Guides mingle or perhaps overlap among family members who live in the same house? Or with family in general? Or with friends?

Several times over the past year, I've retrieved the names of spirit guides that have been identical to family names -- an "unused" middle name, the name of a parent or grandparent, or a recurring name that has been passed down or popped up repeatedly in their family history.

Here are a few of the questions I've received from readers in response to the phenomenon, and a few "theories" I have about the difference between ancestor spirits and spirit guides.

Are spirit guides frequently the sort of entities who have incarnated before? Is it likely that [my spirit guide, whose name is the same as my middle name] has experienced life on earth?

I ask because my middle name comes from my grandmother's brother, who died as a young man, drowned while saving the life of a sibling. My grandmother named her oldest son after him (my uncle, who's very similar to me in many ways).

It is unlikely that your spirit guide is an ancestor, or that someone in your family could die and "become" your spirit guide. Ancestor spirits are a part of your god posse -- they do come around you, they may communicate with you -- but ancestors are a different kind of entity than what we call "a spirit guide."

Technically, mediums are psychics who communicate with ancestors.

Spirit Guides are human souls and they have lived before, but our collective wisdom is that spirit guides are highly evolved human entities, closer to the "level" of Ascended Masters. It is unlikely that any recent ancestor would be (spiritually) "old" enough... If he has departed recently enough to be on your family tree, I'd say he's too "young."

Now, I do have a theory about family names:

Can family members have shared guardians and guides?

My feeling is yes. I feel that my mother and my brother share a personal guardian angel that I don't, and that my mother, my brother, and I all three share an angelic entity that my dad doesn't have...

My mother also told me that she had originally intended to name me Mark Slade -- I discovered and communicated with a transit guide when I was a teenager whose name was Mark.

My feeling/theory is also that women [fathers too] may intuit information from the Charts [Sacred Contracts -- Akashic Records] of their incoming newborns, and may be picking up on names in the child's god posse.

Does this theory make sense to any mothers out there?

Like, one of the reasons your children's names resonate with you and your husband, or even other close friends, co-workers, and family members present during your pregnancy, is that the children's souls were starting to communicate information to you psychically, before they were born.

I obviously have NO personal experience here to go on, but I'm fascinated with talking to women about the higher level of psychic intuition they claim to experience during pregnancy...

Many women have told me over that years that they KNOW the exact moment they became pregnant, long before the hormones would have sent any obvious physical signs or could have warranted a pregnancy test. Of course, they also tell me that the medical tests only confirm what they already "know" on other levels.

Same holds true for a sense of the gender of the child -- there is a feeling or intuition that conveys that information, not only to the mother, but to others around her. Intuitives in my family love to test their psychic abilities predicting the sex of newborns.

But what about names? Names seem to be discovered, more than decided upon. Could the unborn child itself not be weighing in on that decision, communicating what it wishes to be called?

What's your theory? I'd love to hear from the moms and dads out there, regarding how you "chose" the names of your children? Or did you?

I have no personal experience to go on -- so please leave a reply and share your feelings...

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