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"Do you do predictive readings? The reason I ask is because I've been unemployed for 2 years and I've done everything imaginable to find a job and still nothing. So I really just need to know if and when I'm going to be working again. Do you do predictions like this?" -- email from a follower

I do perceive a predictive element.

The predictive element in my readings usually comes in the form of "time frames" -- rather than exact dates like "a Tuesday, first week in February" they tend to be windows of time such as "between the end of March 2014 and the beginning of September 2014" or "sometime over the summer."

And this may simply manifest as a change of circumstance in some way.

The movement of energy can be predicted; but not necessarily the exact form the change may take.

I often hear back from clients when something I've predicted comes to pass. I encourage them to write back and tell me because I am curious, myself, about the exact details of how a reading manifests. Sometimes I'm honestly impressed or surprised at how accurate my readings turn out to be, but I don't always realize the degree of accuracy at the time I give the reading.

Crystal Balls & Free Will I am not attempting to comment on all intuitives everywhere; I only want to offer an honest and direct context for working with me. But, having said that...

I would caution you against the expectation of "crystal ball readings." In my experience, anyone guaranteeing that 100% is not being honest with you.

One of the reasons I believe the time frames are not more exact or specific is because what I tell you can be powerfully suggestive. It may alter your own will or the actions you take. For example: if I predicted you were going to get a job in about 3 months, you might wait until 3 months had passed before taking action, therefore altering the circumstance, when what I was perceiving might have been the result of a resume submitted right away that simply took some time to process.

The relationship between time and free will makes prediction a slippery target. Future outcomes are always shifting based on your present intentions and actions.

Obviously, if you are out of work, I am not going to pressure you to unwisely spend money with anyone, and, if this is the circumstance in which you find yourself, let me know, I do have some alternatives in mind.

Best expectation for a career-related reading with me: I actually do a lot of career-related readings. In my past, I worked as a student adviser at a major University; I worked at a University Career Center. I've taught workshops in cover-letter writing, resume creation, and interviewing skills. I also have quite a bit of corporate Human Resources positions in my resume, including hiring, training, and headhunting.

I might pick up on types of work environments you had not thought of before, or see your skill set in the context of a position that has a different label. I might pick up on an unconscious weakness in the way you're presenting yourself to others...

I believe the people who benefit most from career-related readings with me are looking for ideas, for new options they haven't thought of on their own, for affirmation of an intuition they've had on their own that they might be afraid to trust, for a sense of direction, for guidance about choosing the right major, or for advice about transitioning from a current job into something they are more passionate about.

If you are looking for a specific type of position in the same career field and simply wanting a date of when you will be hired, I'm afraid the power of my abilities might disappoint you. I feel confident saying the same thing about the abilities of most other professional intuitives; maybe it's your expectation, your question, that most needs reframing.

I am very compassionate about your situation. I've been there. Nothing is more rewarding to me than offering a sense of renewed hope to someone struggling with issues regarding career, work, and life purpose.

The one thing I feel very comfortable claiming about my readings -- I do have the ability to shift my clients' emotions and energetic vibrations with my voice, via conversation.

If you'd like to schedule a reading with me, check out the Readings page.

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