You Know What I Find Amazing?

You know what I find consistently amazing about the Universe? (Well, just one aspect, among so many...)

Over and over again I am awestruck by the rarity and perfection of the connections between souls in the briefest parcels of time.

It's so easy to take for granted, to go worrying the Magic That's Missing like a toothache or a raw spot on your gum, your tongue returning helplessly to a mysterious emptiness or source of pain... Where's the Soul Mate? That perfect Co-Star?

But stop this week (at least today) to consider the precision and force with which unimaginable abundance still manages to find you.

What are the Chances? What are the Odds?

I mean, when you consider how vast is this one dimension we most exist in — is the third dimension one dimension? or do we exist in three? oh, hell, it doesn't matter, we don't consciously occupy much among many — when you contemplate how many billions of souls are incarnate at this moment, from among the trillions who have come and gone...

When you consider the eye-blink in time in which we dwell, how can it be that we have come to know one another?

What fragile spark of miracle has made possible your best friend?

  • ...the sweet pets that have found you, who seem grown from pieces of your heart.
  • ...the books that have defied so much chance to fall off shelves right in front of you and speak to you across miles and centuries.
  • ...that even one human being loves you (let alone the many).
  • ...that the clouds have piled up in a big sky just so, just for you, just in that moment.
  • ...that there can be such a perfect song that knows how to find you riding radio waves across across air and space, that can always manage to make you cry.
  • ...that you could accidentally wander in front of a landscape so picturesque you forget to breathe (just for a second).
  • ...that a stranger meets your eye in passing, smiles, and is gone.

The improbable choreography, the great Spiral Dance, dwarfs all petty bothers and complaints and leaves me speechless, looking about in wonder.

How can it be?

Really, how can this be that I am here in this moment — that we are here — that you have chanced to read this and share in contemplation of my question...

For just a moment notice what is greater than your sadness or even your joy, what you're missing or what you find in plenty...

Fucking Amazing.