15 Ways to Stop Feeling Like a Failure

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  1. Stop focusing on what you can acquire — consider what you can contribute.
  2. Stop time-traveling. Depression comes from living in the past; anxiety comes from trying to live in the future. Joy only happens in the present.
  3. Stop worrying. "Worrying is like paying a debt you don't owe." -- Mark Twain
  4. Stop judging yourself. You're the one doing it the most.
  5. Stop choosing to believe in somebody else's perception of who you are and what you should become.
  6. Stop waiting for an even better idea to come along — start with the one you've already been given.
  7. Stop preparing to make a big move later — take a small step now.
  8. Stop watching for a sign and make a path. That sign may appear to confirm the very actions you've just taken.
  9. Stop trying to "make sure" before you proceed. It is feedback from the universe and from those around you that will provide the affirmation for your efforts.
  10. Stop comparing yourself to others.
  11. Stop trying to be perfect.
  12. Stop. Just stop. If something isn't working, leave it for now, and come back when you feel rested.
  13. Stop inverse-manifesting. Instead of trying to avoid what you do not want, focus on what you do.
  14. Stop abstaining so much. Dieting, denying, repressing, suppressing. If you're trying to improve your life by only removing things you believe to be bad, it's a misguided step in the right direction. If you just stop doing something, you create a vacuum. Replace an old behavior with a new, more desirable one.
  15. Stop complaining. Pessimism is a bad habit. Retrain your conscious mind to process challenges within a new context. Complaining can destroy your life.

Whether you realize it at this moment or not -- you are already everything you’ve ever wanted to become. You fulfill your life purpose with every breath you take. You’re not missing anything.

You have everything you require in this moment to proceed to the all-important next step.

You are eminently worthy; all things pass.

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Image credit Simon Pais-Thomas via Creative Commons on Flickr