The Grace of Horns

That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Your life can be made better even by the things that break your heart.

The Monster in the mirror is also a magical creature.

When you own your vulnerability and talk about your fears openly, acknowledge them to other people - transparency - the truth shall set you free.

Because when you're the source of the news about what you struggle with, you can't be blackmailed. No one can hurt you.

When you wear your horns like a crown, they become powerful - they become your tools, your swords, your rack - they help you blaze your path and cut through the bullshit, defend yourself - your scars become badges of honor that announce the work you've done.

When you take the skeletons out of the closet and dance with them in front of everyone, your energy is no longer wasted on hiding anything.

No one can ever hold your secrets and lies against you because they don't exist - they are already openly acknowledged. The power of their revelation belongs to the One who exposes them to the Light; you are assuring, by being the first to claim your shit, that no one else will ever have the opportunity to use them.

In someone else's arsenal, they are only petty weapons - they can do damage, but that damage is limited only to the owner. Someone who wants to harm others requires everyone else's shit to use against them, yet that will never bring grace to them. They must seek out, collect, lug around, and care for everyone else's shit - each little tool only useful once.

No amount of everybody else's stuff will ever add up to the infinity of usefulness that comes from owning your own little stone of crap.

If nothing else, it's a matter of personal integrity. You have to own your Stuff in order to give it up...