Are You TRYing to Fail?

Do you sabotage your success by using tiny linguistic atom bombs -- words and phrases that undermine your intentions? There is a hateful little word -- only three letters long, yet capable of causing entire worlds of potential reality to self-destruct...

I'm talking, of course, about that insidious verb "try" -- possibly the most impotent word in the English language -- the catastronaut's favorite way to program inevitable future failures when combined with any other ordinarily desirable verb of manifestation.

Trying is what I call inverse manifesting -- an inadvertently programmed commitment to failure. To try is NOT to do. I heard this brilliantly stated as "Trying is failing with honor."

Basically, to try lacks commitment. Hiding deep inside the pretty faceted crystals of trying, behind its layers and shades of meaning, is a deadly nuance: trying translates as a self-fulfilling lack of faith.

Do you realize what you're saying?

When you say you'll "try," what you're telling yourself is that "no matter how much progress I make, or how many successful and empowered steps I execute, I ultimately plan, at some point, to give up. I may make tons of progress, I may appear to be moving closer and closer toward my goal, but no matter how much I have invested in arriving at my goal, no matter how much energy I've wasted, the bottom line is that I intend to exit before I've reached my goal."

You can break it down further with this simple translation exercise:

  • Take any statement of intention that you've thought to yourself or said out loud that begins with "I'll try…"
  • Now, replace the words "I'll try" with its literal meaning -- the phrase "I intend to waste a bunch of time and energy making progress toward, but ultimately failing at my goal of _____"

Example: "I'll try to study harder."

Translation: "I intend to waste a bunch of time and energy making progress toward, but ultimately failing at my goal which is to study harder."

Sounds crazy, doesn't it? It sounds a little insane when you imagine saying this out-loud to anyone. It's just as crazy to tell it to yourself.

So, how do you correct tendencies to make these kinds of dangerous word choices?

  • The first step, of course, is awareness. Now that you are aware that what you are manifesting is a direct result of the messages you're crafting, you can be alert for the appearance of danger words on the screen of your mind.
  • The moment the word try pops up in your message slingshot, and prepares to be launched out of your mouth, deeper into the impressionable parts of your mind, and rippling out into the malleable liquid universe of reality -- abort it. Stop the word from jumping. Tell it to get out of your thoughts. Set a Bouncer at the gate of your word choice and tell it to guard the pen of your vocabulary. Specify the words that are blacklisted and do not use them.
  • As with any addictive or compulsive behavior, when you remove something, you create a hole, an empty space. The Universe abhors a vacuum, and your mind quickly follows suit -- negative thoughts are bad habits, and your first impulse will always be to retrieve the familiar and comfortable. The trick is to create effective alternatives -- identify a list of new replacement words and phrases and how and when to use them. It will become easier to grab from this new bag of tricks; the more you use the new, intentional replacements, the easier it will become. Eventually, these will become new habits and your new first impulse.

Change your mind by rewriting the messages you use to express yourself and your reality will begin to change.