Expect Divine Guidance

Image - Expecting HelpIntention #2 -- I expect guidance...The second step in developing your psychic abilities and a more effective working relationship with your spirit guides is to expect divine guidance.

You are at least a little bit psychic. It's entirely natural for you to be, it's a function of your spirit, it's hard-wired through your body, and you've already established Intention #1 -- that you are open to your intuitive abilities. It only makes sense to expect psychic or intuitive experiences to happen.

Of course, you have to mindful of this word expect -- your expectations can create limits. There's a big difference between being expectant and being overly attached to expectations, meaning specific outcomes.

The Difference Between Expecting and Having Expectations You expect that if you enter a phrase or question into a search engine, you will find tons of web pages that may have the information or answer you seek.

An overly attached expectation would be that you will find the exact piece of information that you are looking for, that the Big Picture will come complete in one package, and that it will be at the top of the list of search returns.

You may have to click on several pages before you discover the information you're hoping or expecting to find. You may have to be adventurous, to explore, to set out on a journey knowing only the next step right in front of you. The answer you seek may be buried further down a list of possibilities, or farther along a series of branching options. One page may lead you to another and then another by a series of links that you could never have mapped in advance.

You don't click on one out of thousands of potential web pages and, not finding the answer you seek, abandon your search, telling yourself "I can't find it; therefore the information doesn't exist."

Being expectant -- expecting to receive divine guidance -- is an attitude.

You can expect to have a great day, you can expect something wonderful to happen, and not know what that is, exactly, or how it occurs. You can expect to hang out over coffee with a friend and have a great conversation and laugh and learn, but you don't necessarily know before-hand what the script will be.

For now, expect something -- but don't define what that something has to be, how it has to transpire, the form it has to take.

Expect your spirit guides to surprise you.

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