You Can Hear Your Spirit Guides

OpenIntention #1 -- I am open...If you wish to communicate more effectively with your spirit guides, the number one thing you need to tell yourself and your guides is that you are open to their presence and to receiving their guidance. You can't simultaneously doubt them and depend on them.

If you're an affirmations person, put this intention on a sticky note on your mirror or scrolling across your computer screensaver.

You wouldn't be here, reading this message, if you weren't open to hearing it, right now. You're already working with your guides, you talk to them, you've heard them, you've acted upon the messages you've received from them, you've noted the powerful synchronicities and serendipities that occur because of them -- and you know very well what it's like to receive guidance and not act upon it. Recall a time when you knew, but you doubted, you hesitated, you did nothing in response to the still small voices within you... and you later regretted it.

Your impulse to read this post is a testament to your acting upon the whispers of your spirit, to your ability to follow the small clues that lead you...

Even if you think you're skeptical or you think you're just curious, you feel on a much deeper level that there really is something more going on -- an inkling, a hunch. You're ready to develop further, you've asked for the opportunity, and here you are.

You are here because you are at least "interested" right? Intellectually interested; curious. But ask yourself are you truly open to receiving information from your spirit guides? (I've heard from several students recently that they surprised themselves when they explored this question -- that they discovered more subconscious resistance and hesitation than they might have expected.)

Receptivity is the foundation of psychic development. You have to be open, prepared, willing ... you're already able. Deciding to be truly open is the profound shift that will allow your life to be assisted by psychic ability, by your spirit guides, by your guardian angels, by your ascended master teachers.

So decide to be psychic. Decide to be open to your guides. You are no longer trying, you are learning. Start wherever you are and grow from there. Forget about the past or the future. Just turn the light on right now. If you find yourself thinking "I haven't been…" or "What if I can't…" or "I'm not…" Start reframing these messages to the self by tacking on the word yet.

What if you haven't -- yet? What if you can't -- yet?

Then progress to full affirmations, inverting all these negative statements. I can't hear my guides simply becomes I can hear my guides. (Notice the powerful shift that occurs by taking out two tiny characters -- one punctuation mark; one letter.)

Is the statement "I can not hear my guides" really anymore accurate than "I can hear my guides"? Is either expression any more true than the other? What -- who -- makes that so?

You can certainly willfully choose to reinforce either one. Can you consciously train yourself to reframe these statements in accordance with your highest intention?

Reframing Tip Whenever you catch yourself saying "I can't…" Simply immediately reframe and restate the exact same sentence and remove the negative.

I can is a true statement. You may not have been able in the past. You may not feel you can right at this moment. And the future… you absolutely do not know or have access to that moment yet. But you can create it, in the present.

So what if you have not before? That doesn't mean you can not. Simply say I can -- an absolutely profoundly true recognition of your free will and your intentions.

Talking to Your Spirit Guides

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