How Many Spirit Guides Do You Have?

Image - Spirit Guides Your Personal Guides & Guardians Each and every one of us has a team of benevolent spirit entities who attend us on our life's mission. This entire team is comprised of many different types or "species" of spirits, at various levels of vibration -- technically, there may be no limits to how many spirits may be around you at any given moment -- but there are three main types of spirit entities that can communicate with you at advanced levels of language and consciousness:

  • spirit guides
  • ascended masters
  • angelics

These entities, as separate individuals, are unique to you and you alone. The consensus belief is that before you chose to incarnate in this lifetime, in this physical body, you contracted an entire network or crew of beings to assist you. I refer to this group collectively as your God Posse or your Chorus.

Who's Who in Your God Posse? Depending on a lot of factors and circumstances, you have a personal panel of guides and guardians working for you. You may call them a god posse, spiritual chorus, guide team, guardian council -- any conceptual name that works for you.

When you communicate with this group yourself -- or when a professional intuitive performs a spirit guide reading for you -- we are connecting generally looking at a profile that consists of:

  • 4 to 10 spirit guides -- Most of the people for whom I conduct readings have an average of 5 or 6 spirit guides in this category.
  • 6 angelics -- These include your personal guardian angels, as well as other higher dimensional beings such as (1, or at most 2) ascended masters.

Generally, the higher or lower the vibration of the entity, the less likely they are to be communicative in a way we can easily recognize. They are also less likely to present with specific gender, humanoid appearances, individual names, or even use human language.

The half dozen or so spirit guides (human souls) attending you are tuned to a "sweet spot" of potential communication. Even within this narrower group, there is usually one entity -- your Primary Spirit Guide -- whom you can count on to communicate with you consistently, and on behalf of all the others.

These are the ones who are talking when we talk about talking to your spirit guides.

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