What Dimension is This, Exactly?

Inder WaterImage credit froodmat on Flickr via Creative Commons license

Where is the Virtual in relation to the Real? Where are we right now -- here, in this space of information where our minds gather? It seems to me that virtual reality | information space, must be somewhere between a Physical and an Astral plane.

Is this web page, my words, my voice, your attention

  • In the screen?
  • In the cable?
  • In the satellite beam?
  • In the tower signal?
  • In the ground wire?
  • In the server bank?

Is it where I write and code it, or where you find and receive it?

Your physical mind (your actual meaty thinking impulses) may not be located in just your brain, but distributed like a hologram across every cell in your body. The physical nodes carrying the network of your being.

What about your soul or your spirit?

  • Are you in your head?
  • Are you in your heart?
  • Are you in the memories of the minds of others?
  • In the photos of your face?
  • In a shoebox or on myspace?
  • In the words you leave behind on a page?
  • Are you your name carved in stone?
  • Are you your breath in the intervals you contain it?
  • Or the space you occupy?

You are all those things, in all these places. You are the sum of them all and then some.

Is the man in the image with his face in the pool in the water or outside of it? Well, you'd probably say, he's in both spaces at once. Have you taken a deep breath of spirit and plunged partly into this denser reality of incarnation, still mostly in spirit, briefly incarnated?

What about our collective consciousness? We are all alive, all over the place…

But that still doesn't answer my question:

Where is this Virtual Space? Is it somewhere in between the physical and the astrals? Is it maybe a new kind of dimension -- a man-made astral?

If the physical plane is the 3rd Dimension, what dimension are we in here, exactly? Dimension 3.5?

I've asked my spirit guides -- I've told them to back off on the explanations I can't process, so they show me simple images like the one above.

So, now I'm asking you... I'm hoping you might tell me.

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