Emissaries of the Archangels & Ascended Masters

Image - EmissaryHave you contacted spirit guides who present names -- or otherwise claim to be -- higher dimensional beings known from sacred history?

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A significant portion of my clients seek Spirit Guide Readings to affirm, confirm, clarify, or expand upon the information they've received on their own. They've had notable success working with Jeff Lilly's Guided Meditation or employing some other means of contacting and establishing relationships with their spirit guides.

The experiences and effort you bring to the table greatly enhances the reading experience -- the amount of information and the quality of the detail is much richer.

Frequently, I receive background information or focus questions concerning contact with one of the rock star religious figures:

"I've been using the Meet A Guide meditation. I've met a guide who looks like/says s/he is…"

[insert famous religious icon here -- Moses, Jesus, Mary, Gabriel, Joan of Arc, Athena, Ganesha, Quan Yin, White Buffalo Woman… ] The fill-in-the-blank examples here vary greatly, but there are a few that appear with more frequency than any other.

Archangel Michael is the hands-down winner for Most Numerous Presentations as a Spirit Guide.

"My spirit guide insists his name is Michael -- is it possible that this is THE Michael, the Archangel?"

Yes and No -- My answer is a little complicated Over the past few years, I've encountered this phenomenon (especially among lightworkers) with greater and greater frequency. In May 2007, I wrote a post about what I described as an A-team God Posse, but that was almost a year -- and many, many readings -- ago. For about six months or so, I've been offering an updated, more developed, explanation on a case-by-case basis; I feel it's time I put it out there for those of you who are wondering about this…

This post assumes that the entities you are communicating with are indeed your guides and not some trickster spirit that's just trying to mess with you… That's a separate issue altogether, outside the scope of what I'm describing, here and now.


Your personal spirit guides are unique to you. Spirit guides are technically human souls -- angels are a different species of spiritual critter altogether. Although you can talk to angels and they respond to your prayers, requests, and petitions, even your personal guardian angels are highly unlikely to communicate with you in the same way your spirit guides do.

You have multiple spirit guides, and some of them may present as Emissaries -- representatives of, or surrogates for, higher dimensional beings.

Named Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, etc, may be many places at once and work with any number of incarnate human beings or other souls. You might think of these types of entities as Directors of Large Organizations or High Level Managers of a group of souls with a specific, shared agenda.

Your personal spirit guides may present to you with the characteristics of the Organization they work for. They are essentially a kind of Middle Management -- but please hear this as a feeble analogy or my best attempt to describe something that defies language or concepts like hierarchies. I don't like to enforce the linear notion of "above" or "below." This kind of language comes dangerously close to elitism and exclusion and implies that some souls are more important than others -- which is not the case. However, even on the physical plane, in corporate hierarchies, the CEOs and higher level Leadership Positions are worthless without the foot soldiers, cashiers, and manual laborers, etc.

Emissaries may present with their own unique names and identities, or they may borrow the names, titles, or uniform of the being they represent. They may wear the same colors, bear the same weaponry or tools, run around with a special identifying symbol across their chest or foreheads… Hell, they may come riding the same pink unicorn, if it applies. For further exploration of this, check out Where Your Spirit Guides Get Their Looks.

Each of us is a clone -- a spark, a chunk, an ember -- of the Creator.

  • God as Human
  • God as You

Similarly, the Emissary is a chip off the big block of a higher dimensional Entity.

  • Archangel Michael as Guide
  • Your spirit guide Michael represents The Michael

Think about how you use this kind of expression in everyday experience:

"Work called -- I have to go in early today."

The Company you work for didn't call you -- an individual person, like your boss, actually made the call. The Building didn't call you -- someone working in that building called you.

If you're following Presidential Campaign Politics, you hear a lot of talk about Candidates and their Surrogates -- former President Bill Clinton appears at rallies as a surrogate for his wife, Hillary. He speaks on her behalf, as a stand-in.

Department Store Santa's Another (really terrible) example, but it makes the point. How do we explain all the department store Santa's to little kids who believe in Santa? We tell them that The Santa can't be everywhere all at once, so he sends out special Santa surrogates in his place. (No offense to Santa or any Religious Figure is intended by the lame comparison.)

You may indeed have a calling to work with, or in service to, a famous spiritual icon. You may engage that guide as an official Emissary of the Archangel or Teacher they represent. Your life's work or spiritual mission may include a relationship with this greater energies and their agendas.

Spiritual Mission Details It's not impossible -- it's actually highly likely. Research the Archangel or Ascended Master and see if the information you discover about them deeply resonates with you -- you may share the special work, powers, or talents they are known for, or you may be greatly in need of development in those areas. If nothing else, this may be a prompt to explore and to learn.

Confirmation One way to confirm the authenticity, the identity, and the goal of a spirit guide who presents as an Emissary is simply to compare the information you receive from communicating with the guide with what others have written or recorded about that particular persona.

  • Is the literature, history, or art work depicting this persona consistent with what you're getting on your own?
  • Is the intuitive information uplifting, empowering, positive, and in line with the highest possible intentions, not only for yourself, but for everyone?

Spirit guides may challenge you to step outside your comfort zone, but they will not ask you to go against your ethics/values system.

To use Archangel Michael again, as an example: In the context of the people I read for, Michael's particular agenda or healing energies tend toward cutting through lingering cords of unhealthy attachment and breaking through self-imposed blocks that are keeping them from manifesting. Procrastination is also a general specialty of Michael's mission -- a lot of writers and artists approach me about Michael Messages.

Healers and Lightworkers may be answering a Call to participate in the same kind of work that Michael manages. You may even develop the ability to channel this energy and information for other people.

If in doubt, ask the guide to confirm whether or not he/she is an Emissary in the way that I describe. My theories about Emissaries are just that -- potential explanations, based on patterns of observations. There are also no absolutes here -- you have access to just as much authority as I do, especially regarding an entity who is communicating with you.

Have you encountered an Emissary? Does my theory resonate with you? Please share your thoughts...

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