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UPDATE -- 5/20/08 -- Summer Circle Workshop filled up very quickly and was a great success! I plan to lead another Circle this Fall, 2008 -- would you like to participate in the next class? Please send me an email through my contact form and let me know you'd like to be on the private Early Announcement List for upcoming courses. Those who express a special interest will have first dibs on securing one of a limited numbers of spots in the next class. Let me know!

Join me and a small group of Shift Your Spirits readers for a special, live, month-long group workshop starting June 1, 2008. We will practice my favorite spirit-guided writing, channeling, and intuitive communication techniques -- by doing spirit guide readings for one another.

My free e-book Communicating with Spirit Guides 101 introduces you to the most basic concepts for contacting and accessing the wisdom of your spirit guides; my readings and consultations help to introduce you to the entities that surround and support you, as individuals; and some of the best content on this blog is the conversation you bring to the group in comments.

Still, the majority of my favorite actions -- techniques, exercises, creative practices -- are not yet found among the articles here.

Before I started publishing Shift Your Spirits, my guides presented me with a mission and an ultimatum "How long do you plan to stay alone in your Tower practicing what you know when so many people could benefit from it?"

Responding to that question is a constant motivation. I still feel like I could be reaching more people, with more practical techniques for divinely-guided life enhancement, faster.

I have also seen, time and time again, the power of the conscious synergy of souls -- group energy amazes me. So, let's get together for a month and create a circle of practicing intuitives.

Thinking about spirit guides -- reading about them, contemplating them in theory, or receiving passive information from a few individual intuitives, psychics, mediums is not active enough. The goal is to inspire you to develop the powerful relationships with spirit on your own, so that it becomes a part of your daily life.

Communicating with Our Spirit Guides -- Summer Circle Workshop -- June 1, 2008 This class -- this circle -- will dive right in, deep, through the theory and intellectual thought, and exercise our intuitive abilities. I'll be sharing as many of my favorite techniques for accessing and interpreting spirit guided information as I can jam into a month of Sundays.

The Summer Circle Workshop is full! Congratulations and thank you to those who signed up.

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