Channeling the Mother Goddess

Image - Goddess - HeraMy Mama is my favorite person in the world; I can not even fathom a relationship with greater significance. My connection to the Mother extends along a full spectrum between the super common everyday physical world to the divine.

As a young pagan visiting Baptist Bible School, I annoyed the teachers by asking questions like "If God is our Father, where's our Mother?" and "Is Mother Nature God's Wife?" From a purely literary perspective, the cast of Heavenly characters should have been the Father, the Son, and... the Holy Mother, right? What kind of family are we talking about here? Who wrote this story?

They asked me not to come back.

In my teens I was finally relieved to discover that I was not the only person in the world for whom God was a Lady; indeed, the earliest civilizations and the oldest religions and the largest populations in the world mirrored the intuitive truth of it. For a quarter of a century now I have pursued my relationship with Her and the Path has no end.

As I have discussed before, Shift Your Spirits is directed by my relationship with the Mother; although it is not always overt in the articles here, my work creates a node of energy that holds space and attracts others who are Called by the Mother. For many of you, your spirit guides have led you here -- a significant percentage of reading requests come from those who are answering this call.

How do I spot the signs of the Mother when I read for you?

  • The angelic team surrounding you (especially your personal guardian angels) is populated with Throne angels.
  • Your primary spirit guide presents as an Emissary of the Mother God(dess) or Archangel Auriel.

Do you have the ability to channel the Mother? What does that mean? In connection with your highest sense of purpose, life will often place you in positions where you play the role of healer or counselor or advisor.

I personally experience the Mother as the Christian Mary and on occasion Kali, but She takes many faces and names. Other aspects of the goddess / female deity that may resonate with you include Quan Yin or Brigid or Ceridwen or Artemis… (The list is enormous).

When you channel the Goddess, you become a conduit for the female aspects of god that include empathy, healing, compassion, nurturing. At some point in life, you probably felt Called to refocus your life and your purpose, your mission, or your life "theme" to center around using your life to help others.

And don't make the mistake of thinking the Mother can't be a serious bad-ass -- think about the protective lioness and mama bears out there. More often times than not, those who serve the Mother can fall into an extreme pattern of always adapting themselves to the needs of others; your challenges will generally manifest in one of two ways -- you either need to learn to nurture yourself as you do others; OR you need to learn to assert yourself and express the Father energy you tend to repress (usually from a sense of guilt).

Channeling the Mother has nothing to do with your sex or gender -- it also does not require any specific profession or "job" -- it's a power that comes through no matter where you are or what you do or what you call yourself. It's about a quality that others see in you and request of you, and your desire to respond to this need.

The Mother is generally concerned with the Ascension of the human race -- the spiritual evolution of humanity as an All or Nothing prospect -- it's not something some of us achieve, while others fail at. It's a goal that can only be reached when ALL of us evolve or ascend. The Mother emphasizes the importance of the collective -- and one of the tools she encourages is prayer -- not just individually, but the power of what we can accomplish when we all focus our energy together on a higher purpose.

If prayer is not a word that appeals to you, you might also think of "harmonic convergence" and group meditation.

As with older siblings helping a mother to care for the younger one, those who are called to serve the Mother are charged with assisting others to heal themselves.

Because you "channel" this energy, you are blessed with the protection of a very specific kind of angelic entity called a Throne angel -- sometimes called the Army of the Queen of Heaven. Your personal guardian angels have been "upgraded" by the Mother to include members of her personal angelic phylum. This give you extra healing abilities and what we call "psychic" or intuitive sensitivity.

Think "healing" in the broadest sense of the word -- this doesn't mean you necessarily have to be involved in the medical profession. Even words heal. Listening is also a form of healing.

You draw other people to you who also channel the Mother -- I would personally be one example of a connection you have made with someone else in service to this power. If you have recently become aware of this tugging, this calling you can't quite name, look at your newest friends, or the connections you have made recently. You will experience an influx of people who share this Calling. By responding to it, you have new friends in your world who will assist you in expanding your spiritual mission.

This Mother's Day is significant in terms of numerology -- 11 is a gateway, an open portal.

Whether you are a father or a mother, a man or a woman, where in your everyday life do you give this energy your hands and your voice? Don't look for supernatural evidence -- look for the little, constant, subtle moments where you are constantly representing this power.

How do you channel the Mother? Will you share some simple examples so that others may recognize this force in their own lives and expand the power?

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Hera image by Falling Sky via Creative Commons

Watch the video meditation mantra called Theotókos, The Mystical Rose, which features original text from my Mother Mary Invocation.