Native American Spirits -- Scout Guides and Runners

Picture - Native American IndianSo many people living in North and South America report experiences with the spirits of Native Americans, or "Indians." My clients often include background information about what they know of their spirit guides and guardian angels, or have been told by other mediums; I generally receive tons of correspondence with questions about archangelic emissaries and Native American spirits.

Ancestor Spirits I can't even count how many times I've personally been told by psychics, mediums, or spiritually "sensitive" individuals that I "have a Native American woman who comes around" me. My first thought is always that they are picking up on an ancestor spirit -- my grandmothers were both of strong Cherokee descent; I've been told that my maternal great-grandmother, who was a seer and a healer, was so obviously Native American that she looked like an extra who had walked off a Hollywood film set. One of my earliest memories of a spirit encounter as a child was seeing a Cherokee woman who I identified as my grandmother.

I'm not that kind of medium -- one who specifically connects with the souls of departed family members -- not with any kind of regularity or precision, anyway. My mixed heritage is also not unusual; Southeastern Indian tribes like the Cherokee were among the earliest assimilated by European settlers, and I've met very few people with family trees rooted in the American Southeast who do not have at least some mixed Indian blood.

I do feel, at least intuitively, that there is a biological, cellular history at work in the physical -- it does seem that individuals with Native American blood are even more likely to report personal experiences with spirit guides in totem animal form. This may be preserved as or at least compounded by a cultural awareness.

Like your past life in Atlantis Still, for many years, there was a part of me that wanted to roll my eyes a bit at this statement of the obvious; something about the "there's an Indian woman who comes around you" reading sounded a bit like the person who undergoes past-life regressive hypnosis and reports memories of Atlantis… or Ancient Egypt… or they were "a soldier during World War II" (who wasn't?) or they were royalty in a by-gone era.

I've always wondered why more past-life regressions don't produce the less glamorous "I was a peasant farmer" -- considering the overwhelming statistical likelihood. Right?

Okay, I digress…

What's going on with all these Native American spirit guides?

For those living in the Western Hemisphere/ the United States (the overwhelming majority of people I encounter personally or for whom I do readings) I have a few theories about these Indian Spirits:

  • they are ancestor spirits
  • they are ghosts or soul echoes -- technically hauntings, as opposed to spirit guides
  • they are literally members of your personal spirit guide team, who just happen to identify strongly with a particular place, culture, and life time
  • some, or all, of the above

Scouts & Runners The most likely explanation for spirits that identify with indigenous cultures is the enormous amount of local entities who come in and out, not necessarily one particular individual attending you, but more like this big collective population that responds to your requests. They're everywhere and respond briefly, in rotation; they're close by and handy at the instant of your request. They are also experts.

The amount of souls who exist in spirit -- who have lived on the earth -- is huge compared to the number who are incarnate in the physical in the present moment.

Depending on where you currently live, there are vast populations of human souls who originate in cultures that worshiped the earth. Native Americans were highly environmentalist in many aspects of their society, but they are by no means the only ancient peoples who were strongly identified with the land where they lived. The same is true all over the world -- Druids and Celts, Norse and Germanic tribes, happen to be prevalent in the same mixed lineage of contemporary Americans.

There are types of spirit guides that some mediums call "runners" -- if I remember correctly, Sonia Choquette talks about runners and how great they are at finding you parking spaces. I tend to call them "scouts" because nearly 100% of the ones I encounter (as well as you and just about anyone I work with who's living in North America) are indigenous spirits... scout seems an appropriate title for them.

Basically, scouts are tied to the local land; they are experts in the physical place where you live. These guides are especially adept at assisting you when you drive, travel, go hiking, work with plants, or encounter wild animals. They scout the best paths to physically take; they are also very good "bloodhounds" -- they find lost items for you.

Essentially, whenever you need a helper, fast, with a smaller daily activity in the physical, these indigenous spirits are most likely to answer your call for help.

When you go about your everyday life and you see an opportunity for someone to "give you a hand" with a quick task, think to yourself "Who's literally near by? Who's most likely present in spirit, in the largest numbers? Who has ancient knowledge and wisdom about this physical place?"

Have you had a personal experience that you would attribute to scouts? Please share your story in the comments below.

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