The Spiritual Meaning of Twitches


What’s with the twitches and tics?

Some people get real specific with interpreting the signs and omens of eye twitches. I mean, down to the time of day...

But I take my interpretation in a completely different direction — the twitches are a manifestation of claircognizance “downloads.” These downloads are like software or app upgrades on computer devices.

I think they're more likely to be “glitches" than meaningful, symbolic signals.

What I mean by this is:


In some cases, a physical manifestation in a particular area of the body, such as a sensation in a particular chakra, might be a manifestation of spiritual concerns related to that energetic center.

Example: Manifestations in the throat could be related to the fifth chakra. Fifth chakra issues are usually related to self-expression, individuality, repression...


You remembered back in the late 90s when we logged onto America Online via phone modem? The connection made that long series of digital screeches… That was an aural manifestation of the code streaming back and forth as those computers communicated.

There was no reason for you to “listen in order to translate” -- you knew it meant “my computer’s connected.” And then you had an interface -- a monitor, a mouse, words and images -- that allowed you to interpret that information.

There is no need for you to “translate” the twitch. Just say “Hmm. Getting a spiritual software upgrade. Wonder how that’s going to show up?"

It’s a curiosity.

But it can give you a bit of a head’s up, allowing you to prepare for something about to occur. It used to make me nervous because it always felt like a “challenge warning.” But that was a matter of perspective (or pessimism).

Instead of thinking: “Oh, shit. Change is coming... Crikey! I have to deal with something."

Think: “I’m being upgraded with abilities, wisdom, perspective, and protection that will allow me to explore new levels of existence.”

It’s kind of a “God only gives you what you can handle” concept. But take out the glass-half-empty attitude of religiosity, and see yourself as getting just a sliver -- just a crumb -- of super powers.