Don't Quit Your Day Dream

Image - Paper Unicorn Our dreams are tested far beyond the measures of our everyday struggles.

The things we love, the passion projects, the creative brainchildren… They should be haloed in joy, and yet I feel like I’m carrying an infant through a first-person shooter game.

The message about requisite passion makes it sound like your day dream unicorn just needs a pair of Pegasus wings. As if flying unicorns never tire.

“Leap, and it's all gliding..."


In my experience, passion is about endurance.

Self-healing thick skin and a high pain threshold. Nothing less than a big, big love is worth the multiple crashes, dust-offs, and relaunches.

A big idea isn’t big enough. Excitement is a pretty flash bang.

Passion is a slow-burning fuel.

And your flying unicorn jockey better be a crash-test dummy.

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image credit Andrew Hudson via Creative Commons on Flickr