You Don't Know

Image - At the BeginningNot Knowing is a blessing. Wondering is a state of the greatest potential. It's the stage where everything begins. Nothing "New" escapes the initial form of Question.

I often feel that launching the right question is more important to our experience than staking down the right answer.

My Daddy used to always tell me "A lot of people are going to be disappointed when they die..." Without ever alluding to which people would be "right."

The contemplation of that used to make me nervous -- to believe or not to believe? Which way will I end up being screwed?

It's not like you can conceivably take both journeys; it's sort of one or the other prospect, with no hope of knowing if you got it right until it's "too late."

It's not that I'm afraid of "going to hell" if I'm wrong -- fortunately, even the Believer within me doesn't buy that concept any more than the Scientist.

Take another look at that word know -- it's not synonymous with faith or belief, although a lot of people like to confuse the concepts and speak about them as if they are the same thing.

They are not.

Hear this (don't be stubborn) -- You don't know the Spiritual. You do not know the Mysteries as if they are facts. You can't.

Anyone -- I don't care how psychic they are, how awakened, how enlightened, how conscious -- if they tell you they know, they are deceiving others, themselves, or both.

So, I must be content with feeling instead of knowing. Feelings are always valid, no matter how subjective or different from another's they may be.

I continue to aspire to use the expression "I feel" as a substitute for "I know" wherever possible. Sometimes, I wish that there was at least the promise of a potential to know.

I don't know -- I must find a way to be content with possibly never knowing.

In the meantime, I go on romancing the Mystery and living to wonder.

Slade's signature image credit Eddi van W. via Creative Commons on Flickr