Paper Money Airplane

Image - Money Paper AirplaneLast week, while sitting outside in the finally-Fall breeze and sunshine, reading over entries in my Abundance Transformation diary Hornets & Honey Bees, a gigantic paper airplane fell out of the sky and landed neatly at my feet. Of course, it startled me, and my immediate reaction was to look up and about to see where it had come from -- I expected to see some laughing kids on a balcony nearby. I anticipated other café patrons at the adjacent patio tables looking over at me with bemused expressions on their faces -- but no one else seemed to have noticed that a 14-inch long facsimile of a $100 bank note had just been shot down over the Stone Cup.

I squinted into the sky, wondering if I might see a squadron of bills in formation, flying south for the winter from New York or Washington, D.C. If this story was intended to be fiction, in the genre of magical realism, I'd claim that a plastic CEO action figure in painted-on pinstripes soon followed, floating down on a coffee-filter parachute spray-painted gold. (For the record, I would not have felt compelled to rescue his ass.)

My life isn't quite that whimsical (though I suspect Wall Street might be). But as you know, I do walk around in a manifested existence somewhat (sometimes) like a virtual reality game.

Birds deliver messages to me, as do trees. I find feathers on the floorboard of my car far too often to be accidents. The prayers of my friend Seth, a collector of cobalt bottles, arrive in various forms of blue glass trinkets dropped along my path. Ghosts leave pennies near doorways in the houses and apartments I move into. Strangers regularly email me answers to the questions I've asked while talking to my spirit guides.

Hornets & Honey Bees : How I Married New Money is really more a wedding scrapbook that an active ledger. I haven't touched the diary since soon after the Honeymoon, but I've had intentions of sharing an update about the success of my Money Makeover -- and I started receiving reading requests last week from a few people responding to the fear-peddling "news" of Market Meltdown.

I decided to sit in contemplation of Collective Abundance, looking for any useful insights within my personal experience that I might share. I find it fascinating that financial markets are an absolute manifestation of ephemeral, abstract, collective thoughts -- fears, beliefs, emotions. Many of the same people who are terrified that they will "lose" their financial power, and are ruled by fears about money, probably don't even believe in the Law of Attraction.

They doubt that their vibes can literally transform their lives for the better, yet they never question for a moment that just their "thoughts" of a crash can create that reality. If you're going to believe in the shadow side of this power, why wouldn't you choose to have faith in the light? You can't have yin without yang -- what kind of pessimistic madness is that?

I kept returning to something I heard Dr. Wayne Dyer say about how he simply doesn't participate in that Collective Channel of Fear. I realized that Morgana's Financial Alechemy is about shifting that awareness at the personal level, so that you have your own customized authentic relationship to replace the shabby hand-me-down that was invented and used by other people before it was foisted on you.

The most effective way I've found to change that channel when it seems the world has stolen the remote from me is to engage in some small action within the mindset -- from the interior space -- that represents the Abundantly Blessed Me and my new Honey.

Who are you when you become the person you wish to be? What thoughts does The Powerful You think? What interior dialogues do you engage in? How does the conversation change? What kinds of decisions do you make and how do you make them differently? How does That Greater You ACT?

You can't catch $100 bills that fall out of the sky while clutching two fistfuls of pennies, afraid to let them go.

How to Shift Your Spirits Regarding Money

Here are some of the "little" ways I practice Big-Time Abundance that you may certainly copy, borrow, or adapt to raise your vibration:

Leave a donation for a blogger you really like. I can assure you that any amount, even a small one, will have an enormous emotional impact on the recipient.

Make a donation to a charity. I know a place where you can spend $10, right now, that will make you feel like a freaking bazillionaire on an energetic level. I am absolutely in love with this movement -- the elegant simplicity of this concept, inspired by a child's response to a news story that a human being dies every 30 seconds from malaria -- a tragedy that is entirely preventable by a cheap mosquito bed net. "We should send them nets."

For every consultation or reading that my clients purchase, I will send a net. I've been doing this for the last month and it is literally one of the best highs I think I've ever experienced. I am addicted to sending $10 nets!

Buy a small treat for someone. I like to buy a coffee for the person in line behind me at the café once in awhile. You'd be surprised how powerful the gesture can be!

Hire someone who's self-employed, has a new business, and is passionate about the services they offer. You both benefit. Even helping to promote someone you believe in, through social media/networking sites like StumbleUpon, or making recommendations to friends and colleagues is an incredible way to share abundance.

Invest in your own financial self-care by taking a class or participating in a group that supports shared goals. My friend, self-employment coach Tom Volkar of is leading a Five Day Business Discovery Group. Click here to view more details

If you are self-employed or have your own business, give away a copy of one of your products. I adore having downloads for sale on line because it is so easy to gift a piece of what I have to offer, in a matter of seconds, when I feel called to do so!

Move pennies from the ground to collection cups. I used to pass by pennies on the ground thinking "I don't need a penny" until a psychic told me that, just like a $100 bill, the pennies are a symbolic gift of abundance from your guides and that to refuse to pick them up because they are too "small" is snubbing the Universe. If you find a penny, then the penny is for you to find, not to be left for someone else. If someone else needs it more than you, then do your part to pay it forward by physically placing it where it may better serve the world than a crack in the sidewalk.

Show the Universe how you behave as a steward of abundance by the way in which you handle small change. How you handle one penny, or one dollar, is an indication of how you may handle greater sums. I think there may also be a connection here with throwing pennies into wishing wells...

Use your attention, your effort, your time as a form of currency. If you are struggling with finances and feel you can't possibly afford to spend a penny, your attention is a form of currency. Organize your financial paperwork, balance your check book, or throw away old receipts you don't need to hang onto. Even simple housekeeping that clears your environment of clutter creates energetic space for newer, bigger, and better things.

Go "shopping" for free facts. Anxiety comes from a lack of actionable intelligence. Do a little online research regarding finances and empower yourself with financial information. Or gather inspiration for a new creative project.

Share the wealth of your wisdom Do you have any simple acts of abundance you'd like to contribute here?

Back to the paper money airplane -- my digital camera is kaput, so I had to snap a picture with my phone. I had to show it to you and share this story, because I really haven't arrived at a meaningful conclusion. This post represents some of thoughts I had just prior to the plane's arrival. I'd love to know how you interpret this sign I received.

What do you think my paper money airplane means?

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