Theotókos, The Mystical Rose -- Video

I was approached by filmmaker Liane Legey, of Humanity Healing Network, for permission to feature text from my morning invocation of Mother Mary in a video meditation mantra called Theotókos, The Mystical Rose. I am honored by the final product and very pleased to share it with you. On a personal level, this film is divinely timed. For anyone enduring great changes and in need of the sheltering grace of the Mother, I hope this answers your prayers, too.

You may watch the film embedded below, or at YouTube.

The Humanity Healing Network is producing a series of meditation mantras and videos in conjunction with Isabella Rajotte and Webs of Sound Production, Canada.

Original article by Slade Roberson can be found at: Morning, Mother Mary

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I'd love to hear what you think of the video. Slade's signature