Talking to Money

Paper Money Have you talked to Money lately? How has your new relationship with Money progressed?

Many recent subscribers are not aware of the life-changing, transformational Abundance project I began after discovering the work of Morgana Rae. I forget that my journal Hornets and Honey Bees: How I Married New Money is not actually online -- only excerpts and updates from time to time.

If you haven't already, catch up on -- or engage in a refresher of -- the other Money | Abundance Writing exercises posted on Shift Your Spirits. Here's a recap of the relevant links:

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You may also wish to visit my more recent journal excerpt, Paper Money Airplane. Incidentally, during my last visit to the lavatory on the long plane flight to Hawaii, someone had left a "million dollar" bill beside the sink. This bill has since been added to my altar alongside my paper money airplane. I've started a collection of magical money and pennies from heaven.

When I was in Kona for the Angel Therapy® Practitioners Workshop, Doreen Virtue took us through a guided meditation to release any vows of poverty we may have made in this or other lifetimes -- significantly, this took place on 11/11, and in conjunction with a Full Moon.

Personalized, Private Abundance Clearing | Healing Sessions Two decades ago, while in college, my friend Lance taught us his Cajun grandmother's Full Moon Money Spell, which I will save for another update. If you are interested in an angelic clearing session surrounding your relationship with Money, as well as learning the additional rituals I use, this would be perfectly suited to a phone consultation.

Doreen also shared her own version of this powerful dialoging exercise. Note: These concepts have come to me through others, and I have both Doreen's and Morgana's blessings to teach them to others. You may also consider performing these exercises in conjunction with my own spirit dialoguing and automatic writing techniques, substituting a coin or other form of paper currency for the power object in the guided attunement.

Doreen Virtue's Money Dialog

You can use a paper bill of any denomination and/or national currency to focus the exercise. The amount is not important -- the physical representation is.

(The vast majority of Shift Your Spirits readers live in countries where paper money bears human portraits, which is certainly significant considering we are relating to the personification of Money. Because Abundance for me personally is also represented by a honey bee, I can't help but think of the gorgeous, colorful Dutch bill with a large yellow sunflower and a honey bee watermark...)

Three Questions to Ask During Your Meditation | Journaling Exercise

  • Money, how do I really feel about you?
  • Money, what can I do to have more of you in my life?
  • Money, what else would you like to tell me at this time?

Be sure to thank Money for the conversation.

Again, you may wish to use the timed writing constraints in Automatic Intuitive Response, or simply write as much information as you receive.

Your turn -- what did Money say to you? You may wish to do this exercise now, before reading my own responses in the diary entry below. If you feel moved to, and if you have a blog of your own, create your own post and link back here so we can all check it out. Or feel free to share your own conversation with Money in the comments below.

Slade's signature Slade's Conversation with Money -- 11/11/2008, Kona, Hawaii

Money, how do I really feel about you? You feel judged.

Money, what can I do to have more of you in my life? You need to play harder, be Bigger, shine brighter, and by all means stop apologizing for your relationship with me.

Money, what else would you like to tell me at this time? I'm always waiting for you. I'd always like to see more of you. Stop putting off our time together. You can't need me and then reschedule me -- keeping asking me to come back when you're ready, when you're worthy, when you know how to be with me in some imagined "perfect" state. You will learn about me through having me in your life -- not by thinking about me.

Image Credit whatadqr via Creative Commons on Flickr