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The Money Shift cover art This week, I’m offering you a free copy of The Money Shift!

A New Moon is the perfect time to start the month-long Money Shift.

The next New Moon is January 9, 2016 — that gives you a week to do the clearing meditation, set your new intentions regarding abundance, and define your new money archetype before the daily exercises begin.

...just 5 minutes a day...

New Year. New Moon. New Money. New You.

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To purchase a copy of The Money Shift click here.

2016 will mark the tenth year of Shift Your Spirits! I’ll be releasing my courses into the larger online ebook markets, starting with the most popular first.

Many of you have done The Money Shift over the past seven years, and I truly appreciate your making it so successful. I’d like to enlist your help in making this an Amazon best-seller.

Already done The Money Shift? How about a refresher?

Or maybe just help me with the book launch next month...

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*If you have purchased The Money Shift in the last 60 days, and sign up for the Advance Reader Team, email me and I will refund you the cost of the course.