Why Is This Happening To Me?

Image - Asking Why When something truly awful happens to you, it's hard not to wonder why.

Why did this happen? What caused it? Why is it happening it to me now?

The questions show up at some point in most of the readings that I give. Especially when you're going through rough times.

You're usually looking for answers like:

  • an astrological aspect
  • an energetic blockage
  • a residual past life issue
  • psychic attack
  • karma

Do those kinds of reasons really make that much difference? Is it something you can heal from and move forward? Can you let it go?

It's easy for some jackass New Age guru to say "you created it," but it's not always that simple. I do not believe you necessarily manifest 100% of everything that happens in your life.

Therapy vs Psychic Readings

Of course you need to ask yourself what truth you may be blocking, and consider what part you contribute to your own suffering -- if any.

Want to know when you need therapy more than you need a reading to resolve this question?

  • If you need to figure out how you got into your current circumstances.
  • If you cannot move forward without understanding the Why.

Sometimes shit happens to you.

Sometimes what appears to be a curse could be a really complex blessing you just can't fully understand yet.

Don't Ask Why

The more useful questions to ask are:

  • What can you make of it?
  • What could you use it for?
  • What are you going to do with it?

Let's talk about those answers.

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Image credit HKD via Creative Commons on Flickr