When There’s a Wrecking Ball Aimed at Your Life

Image - Black Drops In the past six weeks, I’ve been hit with a rain of black drops:

  • illness
  • car trouble
  • websites down
  • sudden death in the family
  • lost one of my editors on a big project
  • sick pet*

*My Sam is mysteriously, seriously ill and not recovering as quickly as I had hoped. I can handle just about anything with relative calm and pragmatism, but the helplessness I feel around my fur babies feeling ill turns me into a blubbering mess.

I haven’t seen a string of “luck” like this in… a decade, maybe?

I have definitely lived through worse, and I’m not competing with anyone’s hardships, but it does feel like a line of dominoes falling. It feels like a lot. It's a little creepy, like an astrological transit -- Jupiter in Retrograde in Leo?

LINKS FOR VICTIMS OF THE WRECKING BALL It feels like the Universe has a wrecking ball aimed at my life. (Interesting to see what happened the last time I said that in 2007.)

I do not believe we manifest everything that happens to us.

It’s enough of a phenomenon to make me ask “What is happening? Why is this happening?"

One of my friends said he knows if nothing else I’ll have great insights to share with you guys... I'm not quite there yet. I wish I was.

I wrote this personal post just to let you know why I’m a little missing in action right now. And because I'd like to call in prayers and angels for Sam.

So far, all I have observed is this:

Compartmentalizing is very useful. Focus on the next thing. Ask if it can be fixed? If it can’t be — death, illness, random accidents, other people’s choices — insert Serenity Prayer or The Litany Against Fear. If it can be fixed, it will be. Eventually. Never as fast as you want it to be.

Patience is a form of courage.

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image credit Claudia Dea via Creative Commons on Flickr