Submit Your Money Shift Stories

Image - Money Shift cover art1,000 people have now downloaded The Money Shift -- making it the hands-down most popular project I've ever created! Only six months after its launch in March 2009, this program has officially surpassed the number of personal readings I've done in three years, as well as all the tutorials, classes, workshops, and meditations I've offered in the six years I've been working online.

I'm a little stunned -- the original nudge from Spirit to put this out there was relatively "quiet." (There's a lesson in acting on even the tiniest of creative whispers.)

The Money Shift Book Project

I've pitched a proposal for a book based on the program to a mainstream publisher who has expressed interest in seeing a manuscript. (I'm envisioning the accompanying audio clearing meditation, of course, as well as an appendix with negative and positive belief lists, and perhaps even a full-fledged affirmation/card deck divination system?)

Right now, this means I need to [gulp] write (the rest of) the book!

And I'd like your help with part of this project.

Submit your personal stories

I'm requesting contributions of personal stories from those who have worked with The Money Shift with the intention of including them in a future incarnation of a Money Shift Book.

I'm particularly interested in receiving input about the following:

  • What negative beliefs about money/abundance have you discovered are the most challenging to shake?
  • What are some of the positive affirmations you've written that have been the most effective?
  • Have you experienced any "magical results" while working with the program?
  • Have you discovered surprising new sources of abundance beyond the obvious dollars-for-hours paradigm?
  • What messages have you received from your Money Archetype?

These are just suggestions -- I'm open to hearing anything you'd like to share.

Leading Money Shift Workshops

Are you interested in becoming a licensed facilitator? Would you like to teach/lead Money Shift Groups or Classes?

Let me know if you already have an audience/personal development brand that would be a good "fit" for this type of program.

How to send me your stories:

  • You may send in an email or attach as a Word document
  • You can reply to this post if you receive it via email or email me directly
    contact [at]
  • Please include a line or two at the end of your story giving permission to excerpt or include your submission.

For example: "I grant the author Slade Roberson and/or the publisher permission to include, edit, or excerpt my personal story." [Your name and email address.]

*I will most likely include only first names; if you wish me to change your name to further protect your anonymity, please indicate your wishes.

If I require some more "formal" release down the road, I can follow up later... cross that bridge when we come to it.

Thank you for making this project such a success (and thank you to those who have already written to me about their experiences).

For full details / to download The Money Shift, go to

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